Saturday , 25 November 2017

Cats and kits, oh my!

If you’ve been thinking of welcoming a new furry buddy into your home, this is the event you’ve been holding out for: Bailey Blu and the seriously awesome Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue are teaming up for our very first in-store adoption day, this Saturday, September 17th!

This is exciting for a multitude of reasons – for one, we get to spend the day with a bunch of adorable cats (best job ever), and with a little bit of hope, we’ll be able to get the whole lot adopted into loving homes! A pretty worthwhile endeavor, no?

Special shout out to the black cats who have such a hard time getting adopted – often overlooked, they are just as sweet and deserving as their more colourful calico and ginger litter mates! Same goes for the older cats!

Come meet Yoda!

and Mackenzie! has been in foster for over a year – high time she was adopted!

and Iggy, the lovely special needs cat!

Join us, this Saturday, September 17th at Bailey Blu Pet Boutique!
6152 Sherbrooke St West, corner of Beaconsfield.

For more information on all the cats available for adoption, please visit:

About Viki of Bailey Blu

Viki has been destined for crazy catlady-dom since she was but a wee thing – presently the caretaker of 3 mischievous male cats, she moonlights as an animal nutrition enthusiast and is the official Bailey Blu Pet Boutique blogger. Believing absolutely in the adage, ‘we are what we eat’, Viki, along with her Bailey Blu co-workers, have set out to change minds and change habits regarding how we feed our carnivores; by feeding species appropriate diets, we can ensure our animals live healthier and happier lives. Having worked in the pet food industry these last 5 years, (and now at Bailey Blu!) she has seen first hand how a simple change in diet can mean the difference between a lifetime of prednisone shots and healthy, hot spot free, comfortable skin. Allergies, urinary tract issues, loose stools, ear infections and bad breath: it all comes back to diet.

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