Saturday , 25 November 2017

Hundreds of dogs seized near Shawville Quebec

We are beyond thrilled at the news that a long time suspected puppy mill has finally been shut down!

Paws “R” Us, near Shawville, Quebec was raided yesterday and hundreds of dogs (over 500) have been removed from the premises. Kudos to everyone involved with this historic raid!



We will be sure to keep you informed as we receive updates.

Ironically, today is also National Puppy Mill Awareness Day . Click that link to find out how you can fight Puppy Mills in Quebec!

As a side note, please check out the Paws ‘R’ Us qualifications and references page. Remember, never assume a piece of paper means anything or anyone can be trusted. Plenty of pet store dogs come with ‘papers’. It doesn’t mean they are quality animals or come from quality facilities.  Ultimately, research and due diligence is in the hands of the individual.  It’s all about education.

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  1. This is truly the BEST news. Let`s hope these dogs are now cared for and not massively euthanized..

  2. I checked out the video on the CTV website… the owner of the puppy mill is crying saying she loves the dogs and only wanted them to go to good homes, which is complete bull… she’s crying because she now needs to get a real job. People who make money off of cruelty to animals are sick and disgusting. It’s times like this that I want to believe in a heaven and hell… because I know she would go to hell, and hopefuly have to live through the conditions she made these animals live through. It’s sick that she is teaching her children that this is right, and this is how animals were “meant to be treated”, to be used and abused all for the sake of making a quick buck. I hope she gets what she deserves, either in this life, or the next…

  3. My Hubby (John and I), are both bilingual and have many, many years of experience with dogs and rescues. We do a lot of work as a foster family to help dogs overcome their issues until they are ready for their forever home. We would be more than happy to contribute in helping these dogs by giving our time (volunteer) to work with them, love them, walk them, groom them or just sit there with them until they get comfortable with the presence of humans that mean them no harm.
    Please contact us if our help could be of assistance. We will be following the developments and keep offering our help until the answer “no” is given to us.

    Thank you.

    Nat and John

  4. Thankfully there is the kindness of the rescuers and the Nat and Johns in this world to combat the EVIL
    of the Lombombards’

    • this woman and her daughter are truly evil. I do dog rescue and I fostered a ten year old purebred dog from this facility from hell. I also helped rescue three more a year later and get them into good homes. One of them had a broken leg which had never been treated, they were all dirty, smelled, were skin and bones and all had very, very bad, the worst I have ever seen ear infections, needed teeth removed that were broken, abcessed, etc. She is an evil, cruel woman and I’d like for her to be put in a very small cage and not let out for anything for at least a year. Lady I hope you rot you know where . . . These dogs were also very shy and not socialized at all but their new owners are working with them.

  5. I have a couple of comments. First of all, for Charlene Labombard (owner of the puppy mill)…How can you fight the accusations that you are not running a puppy mill when you have over 500 dogs?? Really? Are that ignorant?? Secondly, I hope the legally system in Canada does not delay this, nor the Judge overturn this and give Labombard these dogs back! Lastly, though I applaud this rescue, as it was very necessary, I hope these dogs (each and every one of them) are rehabilitated. It will take a lot of time, patience and money, but if many of them are euthanized through this process – then what’s the point? I truly hope ‘all the ducks were in a row’ prior to the rescue. But again…thumbs up to Humane Society for the rescue!! And I hope Labombard gets slapped with Animal Abuse!!

  6. I know it would be great to have all your ducks in a row…… but anything for these poor dogs would be better than the hellhole they were in. It sounds like the International group had something fairly good for the interim set up.

    I heard that they also had cats and several other small type of animals in their barns and home. They were probably breeding them also for a little extra cash.

    The important thing here is to ensure they never get to own a dog again. Seeing the horrible state of this place and the poor dogs just makes me ill.
    Hopefully what goes around comes around…will prove true here.

  7. Dont allow this woman on tv to cry and pretend she loves animals. She is a cruel and heartless excuse of a human being who does what she does for money. I join many people in saying I hope the law throws the book at you and if they dont then there is no justice in this world. Wake up justice system of Canada and do what is right here for these poor animals and all who come after them. Now shut down the rest of the puppy mills in your province and make it against the law for pet stored to sell animals. There are plenty of poor dogs and cats in shelters who need a good home. Only in this way will justice be done/ God bless all of the angels who have been rescued…I hope and pray they can all find good homes and the love and care they deserve. As for Paws r u I hope you never rest in peace and you will pay someday for what you have done and what you are/

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