Saturday , 25 November 2017

National Puppy Mill Awareness Day: September 17

Today, September 17th, has been designated Puppy Mill Awareness Day. It’s been started by a group in the US, but with yesterday’s puppy mill seizure near Shawville, QC – and the fact that Quebec has the disgraceful title of “Puppy Mill Capital of North America”, we feel it’s an important day to recognize here as well.

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How you can help fight puppy mills

  • What is a Puppy Mill?
  • Voice your concern about Quebec’s animal cruelty laws by clicking here – and sending a form letter to your MNA (scroll down for puppy mill form letter).
  • Make adoption your first option.  Shelter dogs are not ‘damaged goods’.  Often times they are a result of divorce, a new baby, a poor breed choice on the part of the owner (i.e. high energy), a residential move to a place that won’t allow pets…the list goes on!  When you adopt, you save a life and you ensure that your money won’t go to puppy mills.  Please see our list of local rescues.
  • If you want to buy from a breeder, print off this checklist for how to find a reputable one.
  • Remember this good rule of thumb: if you can’t see the facility where the animal came from with your own eyes (pet store, online) – don’t buy from there.
  • Spread the word! Share this information with whoever you can.  You just might stop someone from making an uninformed decision.

End the Sale of Animals in Pet Stores

  • Why should we ban the sale of animals in pet stores?  Often times, that animal behind the glass – comes from a puppy mill.  If you need more  – here are 10 good reasons NOT to by from a pet store!
  • Last October in Richmond BC, in a landmark first for Canada – citizens pushed hard enough to ban the sale of pets in pet stores. And right now,there is a movement to make it happen in Toronto as well. Read about that proposed by-law here and check out the Facebook details.
  • Recently, the Canadian pet store chains PJ’s Pets/Pets Unlimited (41 stores) and Petland announced they will no longer sell pets (or begin to phase out the sale of pets) in their stores and will partner with local rescues instead to hold adoption days. (Read the official Pets Unlimited press releases here).  Let’s hope other pet stores follow their lead.
  • Regulations for pet stores occurs at the Municipal Level.  Tell Mayor Gerald Tremblay you want change. And make sure your local elected official knows too. They work for you!




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