Thursday , 23 November 2017

In light of halloween – here is a cold, scaly, spiky critter looking for a home to call her own!

Meet Rowena: a spiky little lady, but don’t let her scales get int he way – she has a whole lot of love to share with you. Rowena is looking for a ‘lil love, and a lap to curl up on (not just because she can’t thermoregulate). She was abandoned at a shelter by her pervious owners, and transferred to our reptile expert so that she can get the best possible care while looking for her new home.

Species: Bearded Dragon

Age: Young Adult (1-3 years)

Date Rescued: Sept. 3/2011

Rowena was transferred to Eleven Eleven from Refuge Animale AMR. She was initially given up because her caretakers just plain got tired of this adorable creature (hard to imagine!).
The Inland or Central Bearded Dragon (Pogona vitticeps) is one of the few species of domesticated reptile. Bred dozens of generations in captivity, they are known for their gentle dispositions and hardy nature. They are a fantastic “beginner” reptile for these reasons. Rowena is curious, active, and does not mind being handled (gently, of course!), she will even eat from your hand.

“Beardies” are omnivores, but mostly vegetarian, as adults. Her new owner must be prepared to make fresh salads of nutritious, calcium-rich vegetables to be offered daily, and be comfortable feeding her live insects once to twice a week. These lizards require a hot, dry enclosure with UV-B lighting.

Watch me in action at meal time – See Video Here

See the article on Bearded Dragon care at for more detailed information:

Requirements for adoption: Species experience, or willing to learn, and adequate housing.

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