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Rescue Round-Up News November 4, 2011



Here are some recent rescue items from around the globe!

  1. Pit Bull appreciation day in Bronx park pushes back against dogs’ bad reputation
  2. Blind Dog Goes Missing, Gets Found By Animal Shelter
  3. Manitoba Dumped puppies rescued and healthy
  4. Skunk rescued from pasta tin mishap in Ontario
  5. Beckenham couple worried bringing Turkish street puppy home could cost thousands
  6. Artist plans show to help maligned Pit Bulls 
  7. Abu Dhabi Neuters and Chips 5,000 Stray Cats and Dogs
  8. Cat with 26 toes inspiring $26 donations to keep a rescue center from becoming homeless
  9. Tisbury eighth-grader follows her passion, dogs 
  10. Activists Dive In to Help Dogs Abandoned in Floods – Southeast Asia 

This is the ongoing rescue of Animals in Thailand. If it is possible for you to donate please click here to help out Soi Dog Foundation. I would also like to ask for you to click above on sharing tool bar to share this posting with others. Remember, Sharing in Caring. They need all the help they can get. 

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