Thursday , 23 November 2017

FOUND: cocker spaniel in NDG

Please share!

Do you know this little dog? (more pics below)

Found in NDG on Sunday afternoon











Female cocker spaniel

King Edward and Fielding in N.D.G  Sunday, Nov 6th around 5 or 6pm

Reports have been made with: spca, posted on kijiji, craigslist, FB, spca, etc and so far no one has reported her missing.

  • About 20lbs
  • Brown eyes
  • Short tail
  •  no collar
  •  Medium length blond hair
  •  Missing a tooth on the bottom
  •  Seems old and a little slow
  •  Very quiet and sweet
  • Has a slight limp on one back leg

Please contact: 
contact #s have been removed as this lucky dog was adopted by those who found her! 🙂










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