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Rescue Round-Up News November 25,2011


  1. 41 Beagles Rescued From Testing Lab Land Locally [VIDEO] 
  2. Macy’s And SPCA Team Up For Adorable Pet Windows – VIDEO
  3. Jogger Saves Cat Huddled in Rainy Park, Carries Him 1 Mile in Her Coat 
  4. Puppies rescued from Harris Co. tornado ready for adoption [VIDEO]
  5. Animal control officers rescue rooftop dogs [VIDEO]
  6. Redmond Hero Dog ‘Nala’ Finds Forever Home
  7. Commuters saw a dog chew off its own leg after becoming trapped in train tracks.
  8. Veteran haunted by the Iraq war is recovering by driving animals to Canada for adoption.
  9. Heroic dog saves woman from burning house
  10. Aging pets live out their golden years at senior animal sanctuary
  11. Dog rescued from busy Arizona highway [VIDEO]


Twenty-one pit bull terriers are in police custody after an alleged dog fighting bust landed their Winter Haven owner in jail. Witness how the father of the monster claims his son LOVES his Dogs.


Tips from ASPCA Veterinarian Dr. Emily Pointer on keeping your pet safe during the holiday season.


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