Tuesday , 12 December 2017

Dedicated to “Brownie” who died today!

This one is for your Brownie!

Please..go hug your pets!

Usually I know..I blog about green stuff but tonight it will be different.  This post is dedicated to a little dog called Brownie who died today.

Please bare with me as I recount my day..writing always seems to help.  I was off today….I took a moment this morning to call my groomer…luck would have it..a spot was available at 12:30 so off I went with KK the Pug.  After 2 hours..I began to worry..Debra wasn’nt picking up her phone and it seemed very long..couldn’t be that it was just a busy day…..it’s funny what ran through my mind..I envisioned Kayla getting loose and running for the hills but on her way, getting hit and Debra there to pick up the pieces…I know ..crazy right?  It was probably a good thing she didn’t pick up the phone..I can hear her now…”You are one worried Mamma!”   All was good..dropped Kayla off and decided to do a bunch of activities since I will be away most of the weekend.

I knew I had to do some shopping.  I saw there was a detour leading to the mall on Donegani so I said to myself, “why not head to the Dorval shopping Centre”.  I knew I would be able to get most done and I was in the mood for “a one place fits all to shop!” So, I made a u-turn (I know) and headed down Donegani to catch the service road on the 20.  As I got closer to the Dry Cleaners, I saw that there was some congestion. I slowed down and saw a woman hovering on the sidewalk.  I could not see much..but my mind was racing..was she OK? Was there a child with her? Did someone get hit? Was there a dog involved?  And then I saw…a little black and white ball of fur underneath her body.  I took 2 seconds to see if any cars were coming and then I made another U-turn, getting as close as possible..ready to swing into action and help..no matter what!

I remember the blood and I remember the tears.  I went into shock and all I remember saying was, “What the hell happened?”  I couldn’t see the dog much because the woman had her body over the dog and she was shaking.  She finally got up…I looked down and saw this little dog..it shook a bit but otherwise was motionless. His eyes were like marbles.  She wanted to save him and we all did too but it was hopeless..he was gone!

I learned her name was Stephanie and the little dog ( all 7 Ibs of him) was a rescue.  She got out of her car to go into get some meat at Frankie and Freddie’s, and didn’t notice the dog ahd jumped out behind her.  A few minutes later, a man who was at the Dry Cleaner’s across the street, ran into the shop to find the owner.  When she went out, the dog was on the sidewalk..exactly the same place where I saw him.  She was screaming and was saying, “I love him and I look after him..he is a rescue!”  I had no tears, I had no words, I felt emotionless and wanted so badly to turn back time.  I kept it together (surprisingly) and got someone to run to Yazoo for help. It felt so long and Stephanie was still waiting for a sign of life..we were not..we knew!  Someone got a box, someone got a blanket and a girl from Yazoo decided to go with Stephanie to Pierrefonds Animal Hospital.  Stephanie had been a customer there.. so she opted to go.

I left and went to Dorval as planned.  I couldn’t shop, I couldn’t concentrate..suddenly, I felt her pain and I broke down crying.  I realized, that I had left and did not even know the dog’s name.  He had a name..he mattered!  I had to stop at Yazoo and ask about the little black and white dog who died this afternoon.  I needed to know his name.  I found out his name was Brownie.  He was 6 years old and was rescued at age 4. The Veteranarian said he died on impact.  They were very nice at the hospital- they took care of the little dog and gave her a copy of a paw print so she could remember her baby.

I felt a little better..not much..but a little.  I now knew his name.  So, in honor of little Brownie..I went and bought a Christmas plant…it’s beautiful…so vibrant and flawless.  Tonight, it is where I can see it..and so I remember the little dog who really just wanted to follow his Mom into the store.  I feel for you Stephanie.  And Brownie..you fill my heart tonight!  Why couldn’t I have gotten there earlier and saw you on the street?

Please go hug your pets..you can bet I am!

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  1. His life might have been too short but at least he knew love, sadly it is more than many dogs get. What a beautiful idea the paw print I hope she frames it.

    Take care, Marlyn

  2. I watched a little dog get hit by a car and die instantly outside my front door. One minute she was running alongside a group of kids and then next thing she was dead as she jumped in front of a car. It was that quick. The dog was off leash and I had to help the kids, the driver who was devastated and then the mom who drove over not believing what had happened. I tried CPR but this dog too died on impact. I never knew anything about the dog, just the fact that it had been quick. But the loss for the family and the frozen sad faces will always stay with me. Whenever I’m in a car my dogs are in seatbelts, and whenever they are on the street they are on leashes. We are their guardians, and as such we need to take as much care as possible. Accidents happen and this story is truly tragic. My heart goes out to everyone involved.

  3. Thank you for writing about Brownie. These sad things happen all the time, but they go unpublished, unnoiticed, untouched except for the few who witness it. I too have been in a similar situation helped someone. I was the one who picked the (dead) dog up, put it in the back of my trunk and drove it to the Pfds Animal Hospital. It was obviously too late to help the dog by the time I got there.
    I shook that who morning, I was numb, crushed, I felt his pain and his wifes pain. There was only the dog owner, myself and the dead dog that morning. No one else stopped to help.
    It is so sad, it is hard to comprehend. We want to turn time back, snap our fingers and everything will be as it was before the accident. Unfortunately, we can’t. We would if we could.
    It must have take awhile for this man to get past his grief. The woman in the above story will be hurting too. Hindsight is man’s worst enemy. It can drive you mad with should have, if only I did this…..
    It was nice you were there to help her. She must have been in shock! Someone strong and in control needs to be with them during this tragedy. I too was strong and dry eyed. I only broke down after. That is called adrenaline. Not everyone has it. Thank you for being such a wonderful person. Helping this lady out, helping to place the dog in a box in a gentle kind way. It is not easy…. You will think about this incident for a long time, because it has an impact on us. God bless you for being there….

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