Thursday , 23 November 2017

Stop Quebec Puppy Mills

Quebec has the unfortunate reputation of being the so-called “puppy mill capital of North America”. Because of the covert nature of such operations, exact numbers are difficult to obtain, but it is estimated that there are anywhere from 1200 – 2000 puppy mills in this province alone. The business of selling dogs can be lucrative and the enforcement of adequate punishments is at present, minimal for offenders in Quebec. Thus, the cycle continues, leaving thousands of animals to pay a cruel price, often with their lives.

Your Member of the National Assembly speaks on behalf of provincial legislation, which is where your voice will make the most difference in enforcing animal cruelty laws. Find your MNA here using your electoral division and send them the template letter below:

To: _________________

As a Quebecer I am requesting that you speak loudly and clearly against Puppy Mills in Quebec and take immediate steps to either shut down or institute stiff regulations for their control.
The Provincial Animal Welfare legislation (The Animal health Protection Act, RSQ P-42, Division IV) in Quebec is currently enforced by the Quebec Minister of Agriculture, who has mandated a group called ‘Anima-Quebec’ to enforce P-42 in businesses/breeders providing animals for the pet industry – The recent seizures of hundreds of dogs from puppy mills, and the continued existence of these mills are evidence enough that Agriculture Quebec and ‘Anima Quebec have been unsuccessful in eliminating puppy mills in this Province.
We would prefer that Puppy Mills be abolished – along with the sale of animals in Pet Stores. However, at the very least:

1. The mandate needs to be removed from Agriculture Quebec and ‘Anima’ and put under the Ministry of Justice Justice – for an immediate response to reports of cruelty and neglect- and shutting down these facilities and ensuring justice in a court of law for these animals

2. These Puppy Mills and anyone dealing in the ‘animal industry’ should have to abide by strict standards and guidelines to be able to operate. We must implement a permit system and database and send a message to abusers that Quebec will not stand for this mistreatment of animals.

3. Law P42 (Provincial) must be adhered to and enforced – at present it is ignored.

Quebec is now referred to as The Puppy Mill Capital of North America – this is not something to be proud of. I urge you to take immediate steps to implement and enforce stricter laws and wipe this blight from our province.

Thank you for your attention to this request.


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