Saturday , 25 November 2017

Bailey Bed Blues.. time to pay Bailey’s bed forward!

I love to de-clutter!  I guess that’s why I write Dog Gone Green on, have an E-Z being Green page on Facebook and won a Sustainable Champion Award at Concordia.  My parents love me to visit but I know they also expect me to come home ( in NB by the way) with the “1-800 Call Junk sign” and my Clean Sweep hat…ready to create change.  Wayne, my husband, usually expects there to be bags ( re-usable of course)on a regular weekly basis going out the door;  towels, blankets, toys, and bowls off to needy shelters/rescues, clothes going off to the local women’s shelter, Salvation Army or even to a SWAP event…last year, I absoutely loved when the SWAP team held an event at the university. I donated 41 pieces of clothing! Not even sure myself how, or where,  I found all those pieces to give but absolutely loved it!  By the way..keep posted on SWAP events in and around the city….just sayin! “Take Off Your Clothes” – is a giant clothing swap for charity:)

In other words, things that I do not need, or do not use, I find easy to give away.  I love the whole “pay it forward” idea and the saying, ” someone’s junk is another person’s treasure“.  However, there is one thing that has been not getting much use… but I have not been able to do anything with…and that’s my boy Bailey’s upstairs bed.  It has been laying empty for over 2 months now, at the bottom of our bed.  It has also been over 2 months since Bailey has even attempted to go upstairs.  I guess, leaving it there just means that if suddenly, he can make it up the stairs, it will be there for him; his safe haven; a place where he can always find comfort, security, and some alone time from the Pug and Boston who can, and still do, irritate Bailey! 

Bailey is my 14 year old Border-Collie/Terrier mix.  He is a handsome boy and the most sensitive dog I have ever met.  He talks up a storm and is stubborn as hell.  I am so proud of how I have raised this boy and how much he has given to me.  Wayne, my hubby, “adopted Bailey” seven years ago when we met but I should say, Bailey adopted Wayne first!  Bailey has been with me through thick and thin, through tears and laughter.  In NDG (our old neck of the woods), people knew us because we were constantly have conversations as we walked along the dog path.   Everyone loves Bailey!

I really want Bailey to run (or even just walk) up those stairs!

Reality sets in..he will never run(or walk) up those stairs again.  He has decided that the bed downstairs fits his needs well.  He is accepting it much better than his Mamma. He is slowing down, doesn’t talk as much, and loves to spend a lot of time in the snow..guess it cools him off.  He has growths on his belly and it takes him awhile to move. He still orders up when its treat time, and still has attitude,  but walks are shorter and he has given up his tennis balls to Maya the Boston willingly.  He likes the occasional kiss on the head but not feeling cuddly anymore…..his bones just can’t take it!

So, today, I am washing the bed and packing it up to pay it forward.  I have decided that when we go to Ottawa next month, we will drop it off at Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre.  They have a lot of big guys who could use this bed.  I follow them regularly, impressed with their efforts, and know that the bed will give comfort to one of their needy rescues.  It’s hard but it’s time.  I feel like I am experiencing, “Bailey Bed Blues” but have decided that the best way to do this is to think of how Bailey’s bed can make another needy dog’s life more comfortable…..I already feel better!

Bailey’s Mom was found tied to a tree pregnant. Her story was in the Gazette. It was one of those stories with a happy ending.  Bailey’s Mom and another pup got adopted by a family in St. Lazare and I was blessed to get Bailey.  Everyday I am grateful he has come into my life and grateful to Gerdy who was working at SPCA Monteregie at the time and helped with the adoption process.  Even though, I know it is time to face the cycle of life … I would still give anything to  have one more chance to get up and trip over Bailey at the end of the bed..and have him, in his grumpy Bailey voice say, “Watch it Ma!”

Bailey you will always be my baby!


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  1. We all love you Bailey! Shelly, thank you so much for all you do for humans and animals:) You are making a difference in this society. Thank you

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