Wednesday , 17 January 2018

Dogs of Super Bowl 2012

Here are 4 of the dog tv commercials for Super Bowl 2012

My favorite Weego













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  1. Thank you for the dorito’s commercial. I watched t once. I will not watch it ever again. I will also not purchase Dorito’s ever again. That is just adding more breed and dog vs cat stigma. Gotta go watch the other 2 and maybe a Subaru commercial or 2 to try to get that one out of my mind.

    • Hi Tamy,
      Thank you for your comment. So sorry it bothered you the Dorito’s commercial. We all know that some dogs and some cats can live in perfect harmony. From cartoons, like Tom & Jerry, several Disney cartoons and movies we have all seen a portrayal of dog vs cat. At the end…it is all fiction. I will add the Subaru commercial:) It would be nice that all dogs would be allowed in all beaches to enjoy 🙂

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