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No more dogs at Home Depot because of a nose


I am not a “do it yourself” person. But, by a twist of faith, I ended up at Home Depot this past weekend. Once I made it to the register to pay, I noticed the huge poster explaining that dogs will no longer be allowed in the store. My mind had a flashback to the case of the Ontario woman that got her nose bitten by a Shih Tzu dog early 2011.

Anne Riel works at the Home Depot.  One day as she was a greeting customer at the entrance, she reached out to pet a customer’s dog. According to the Ottawa Sun, as Riel petted the dog, she said she slightly bent her head towards the dog and the Shih Tzu leaped out and bit her in the face.  “He literally jumped up and bit my nose off.  It was bleeding everywhere,” said Riel, 39.  She received seven stitches after the dog bite penetrated her left nostril.  The police questioned the owner of the dog and she did get a fine.  Riel was infuriated and at first wanted the dog to be put down.  After that incident, Home Depot decided to prohibit dogs from entering the store.  The new policy would take place at the start of 2012 and that is why this huge poster was now at the Home Depot.

I was extremely curious to find out what had happened to the dog and in court.  I started googling and found an article from the month of January of this year. Apparently Ms. Riel got the better deal of the situation and the dog ended up with another kind of punishment instead of death.  Ms. Riel from the start was calling the Shih Tzu a vicious dog and claimed that it was a danger towards kids and others.  The owner of the Shih Tzu did not want her dog to be put down and her insurance company worked out a sweet deal for Ms. Riel.  She was happy to accept and even flaunt what the dog bite got her.  The dog owner received a fine of $610 and the dog was ordered to wear a muzzle when out in public. CBC News Ottawa interviewed Ms. Riel and although she did not say how much money was given to her due to the out-of-court settlement, she said she got enough money to pay bills, take her daughter to Disney World and even trade her car for a new one.

In my opinion Ms. Riel worked all the possible ways to extort the owner of the dog. It is not that I am agreeing that the owner of the dog has no fault in this case. If she knew that her dog does not like being petted by strange people she should not have brought him to the store.  In this case she did, and should have given a warning to Ms. Riel before allowing her to approach the pup.  Due to the lack of common sense by both parties, there is an unhappy pup wearing a muzzle.  Ms. Riel got a vacation, new car, debts paid and a nose job. If we see the before and after pictures, the nose she has now looks better than her old one.

The owner of the dog was lucky to pay her off.  Normally not all dogs are that lucky.  They usually end up in quarantine after a bite and held as evidence until the court decides the fate of the dog.  How sad is that?  Just having common sense could have prevented it all.  Home Depot should have had training for employees on how to approach dogs if they accepted dogs in their stores.  The owner of the dog should have spoken for her dog before the other woman approached the pup.  Like a friend on Facebook told me this week…it is because of stupid humans that the animals have to pay the price of our stupidity.

Anne Riel was attacked by a dog and has required plastic surgery to her facial injuries. Sunday April 17,2011. (ERROL MCGIHON/THE OTTAWA SUN/QMI AGENCY)
A Shih Tzu bit Home Depot employee Anne Riel's nose while she was handing out flyers and greeting customers at an Ottawa store. (CBC)

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  1. Anne Riel is a money grubbing idiot. Anyone with more than 2 brain cells to rub together knows to ask the owner before attempting to pet or interact with an unknown dog, especially one on a lead, where the flight option has been removed. The fact that a small dog could leap up and bite her face like that says she was in way too close and intruding on the dog’s space. Dogs take that as a threat. If she was really so concerned about this sort of thing, she would have donated the money to an organisation to educate people about how to behave around dogs. She saw an easy windfall and took it. Despicable.

    • She should have donated the damages she was awarded to an organization for “educating people how to behave around dogs” instead of paying it for plastic surgery to fix her nose?!?! You’ve got to be kidding me. So if it were you, you would have just given that money to the dog education organization and kept walking around with a bitten-off nose, right? Riiiiiigh. And I really don’t understand why the author says, “If we see the before and after pictures, the nose she has now looks better than her old one.” That’s an idiotic statement even if it were true. But I doubt it is and the pictures certainly don’t show it, not that I can figure out which is “before” and which is “after” (if there is an “after”).

      • Hi! Thank you for your comment. I never said that she used the money for the surgery. I quoted exactly what the media said she said. And the dates of the pictures are also on both media articles. You are right…I should have added the dates of each picture.

        • Hi, I know that you were quoting what you were able to find from the media. You reported she got a nose job and that she had enough money to “pay bills” (which I assume refers to said nose job……by the way, calling it a nose job is not fair because a nose job is usually used to refer to someone getting plastic surgery to “improve” an otherwise normal nose, not someone who needs to get their nose back into the condition it was in because they’ve been mangled). My point was to Barbara, who claimed the woman should have instead used the money to donate it to an organization to “educate people about dogs.” My point was that if the same thing happened to Barbara, I doubt she would choose the dog organization over her face. And about the pictures – neither shows what Anne looked like before the attack. The one on the left apparently shows her nose in the aftermath of the attack. I am not sure if the one on the right shows her nose after surgery. You cannot compare her nose after the attack and after surgery and say, “it looks better than before.” Of course it does!! What about how it looks compared to the nose she was born with?

          I love MTL dog blog, but I’m sorry, sometimes y’all don’t make any sense.

  2. Maybe the dog just doesn’t like the smell of extortionists.

  3. So sad that there are people in this world who will do anything to make a buck off someone else. The head and nose can bleed profusely due to the large amount of blood vessels contained there, even for a small cut (or a nosebleed). For Riel to make such a commotion over this incident, stating the dog is vicious and should be put down, even speaking with the media no less, shows that she was milking it to get money. Thanks to this womans ramblings, Home Depot was forced to change their policy and the owner now needs to muzzle her dog. Way to go, Riel. I sure don’t want you greeting me at the door. Good article, thanks.

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