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I thought that I would be writing a very sad post this morning but I am not.  Last night, we spent most of our night at the DMV emergency animal hospital after Kayla, our beloved Pug, fell or jumped off the bed and could not feel her legs.  We spent a long time talking about options with the Vet but I have to admit, I was a crying Zombie and Wayne was no better.  The Vet could not give us any real answers but there were options starting from anti-inflammatories to surgery.  My head was spinning and I kept reminding myself how I would never be selfish when it came to making decisions regarding the quality of life for any of our furkids.  To be honest, I just thought I was in a bad dream and really wanted to wake up!

After a lot of tears we opted to take Kayla home with some meds …make sure she got rest and of course lots  of love and then go from there.  We may still have to make a painful decision this week about her life!  But as we were leaving the DMV, the Vet yelled out…” I have seen many miracles happen here!”

Now, let’s go back in time a bit to yesterday morning.  I received an email from a my friend Jaye letting me know that her daughter had lost her 6 month Old Chocolate Labrador Joliene, and that the family was devastated.  She thought she had reached out to me earlier but hadn’ was already over a week Joliene had been missing.  I went into autopilot yesterday…sent the family links, posted Joliene’s page everywhere and reached out to my network including Louise Makovsky (otherwise known as Lulu).

I met Louise around Christmastime.  We brought her a bag of goodies for all of the pets in her care.  At the time, she had just rescued a little Cocker Spaniel named Molly ( my Mom’s name) who had been abandoned in the parking lot of a local Mondu.  I had the chance to meet all of these lucky animals who found their way to Louise’s care.  Louise also talked to me about the power of tarot and intuition……

Anyway, I thought of Louise right away yesterday morning and hoped she could help find Joliene.  This family deserved to get this dog back and this pup needed to get back home.  I remember when Jaye found out that I had an old guy experiencing some back leg problems..she immediately send over a holder to help Bailey. She created this holder when her Golden Lab could no longer get around on his own.  Anyway, I just really wanted to do all I could to find Joliene.

Here is what happened yesterday after I contacted Louise and this is what she had to say about what transpired and how Joliene found her way back to her family:

I love to see a lost animal safely return to its pet parent. I saw an ad about a lost Lab and then got a request from Shelly Elsliger Bennett, to help this girl find her dog. I accepted to meet the owner and see what I could “feel”  and use all my knowledge to help increase the odds of finding her dog. I told her I would use my intuition and I would be honest about what I was feeling… right or wrong. We met where she lost Joliene.  I immediately asked, ” Did she go the way right?” She said,  “yes” that was good!
 We looked around the park. We sat down to do some Tarot readings just to give some direction about what steps to take. I told her that I felt someone had taken her. I didn’t understand why they were keeping her. I also felt that something was unfair. We went to dog park to ask questions to a few people. I told her that  I felt a girl had her;  a couple. I took her to check Berger Blanc and suggested where she could put additional ads. We went to a local Vet to ask if anyone had brought in a Chocolate Lab, we stopped by Sophie’s Adoptions to see if she had heard anything,  and finally stopped at the local Mondou.
We walked in and the Owner started to explain that she lost her dog. I spoke better French so I piped in and said,  “she lost her 6 month old Chocolate Lab“. One of the girl’s behind the counter got all excited and said,  “I have your dog“. She ran to her house to get her AND it sure was Joliene. What a joyous fun ending and good practice for intuition once again. So here is what I was able to see:  The dog was with someone, it was a person that was good with animals, it was a couple that had her and for some reason they were not giving her back. Something that I thought was not fair. After talking with the girl we asked why she was not looking for the Owner. She said that she had sat in the park, at the exact same spot where she was lost, and stayed there for an hour waiting for someone to come back for her. When she asked around, a group of people told her that a guy abandonned the dog in the park.. so she took her home.
If I look back at the cards and what I was feeling. I was right about the girl not giving the dog back, good with animals (brown haired, I saw blond) it was a couple,  and the unfair or unjust thing was that someone said the dog was abandoned. I also said she was located around Sherbrooke Street (maybe a bit South) Well she was.. right by Sherbrooke Street. A very good thing! I brought her right to the person who had her and then very happily drove both Puppy and Puppy Mommy home. Boy was everyone happy and surprised.I was able to help her find her dog in less than 3 hours…very happy and laughed at the fact that I brought her right to the person in a store…. I think we were all surprised…..but… in a good way!
So..even though it was a very hard night for me….I am able to smile this morning because Joliene is back home and this is a true MIRACLE…so I have to believe that one will happen in our house over the next few days.
I ask you all to send good vibes and prayers to Kayla….this family wants the old Kayla back!
There are a lot of miracles happening and I guess the overall message we must all  keep in mind when our loved ones are sick or lost, is that to never give up hope and Believe in Miracles!  We love you Kayla (KK)…please get well….how much I want you right now to run for your treat!
And as far as Louise..well, I am a big believer in paying things forward…Look what happens! Louise recently recued a sweet cat who had been abandoned…Magic is her name and she requires surgery.  One thing about Louise that is that it is all about the animals.  So if you would like to help towards Magic’s surgery please note the following message: Magic’s overall vet care is around 700$ and the Clinique Veterinaire Plateau Mont Royal has opened up a file.  If anyone would like to donate to Magic’s vet care, you can by calling them (514) 842-5490 and asking to put it towards Louise’s file for vet care. Please ask for Elizabeth. You can donate via  credit card or you can drop a donation off. They are located at 127  West, Mtl., Qc. H2T 2S9.  Let Louise know what your donation is so she can track and match what they have recieved (

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  1. Shelly-Blogger-Dog Gone Green

    Unfortunately, Kayla did not make it and we had to put her down..a very sad day for all of us!

    • Shelly and Wayne,
      I am so very sorry to hear about your loss. I know how much KK was loved by both of you. Our thoughts are with you. Karen and Mike XOXO

  2. I am very happy about Joilene being found and I am so sad to hear about Kayla. Life is all about transition. I send you warm wishes to get through all this. Thank you for contacting me to help Britany. Kayla will be watching over lost pets and I have had animals show signs…

  3. For those who have asked to make donations to “Magic” Please ask for Elizabeth. 127 Montroyal Ouest, Mtl. Qc. H2T 2S9 (514) 842-5490 – Veterinaire Plateau Montroyal. Pls privately message me the amount thank you. Of course the best thing is to go there and make a donation, if not you can call and use a credit card by phone. Thank you so much!! If you want to bring it to me let me know. This is the full address. Thank you.

  4. Shelley,

    I don’t know you but we have one thing in common, we both had a dog named Kayla, Mine was a bit bigger than your pug, it was a Bernese Mountain Dog. 3 years ago, I had to put her down, as she could not get up anymore. She had arthritis in her hing legs, but I found out that she also had cancer in her hips. Everything happened so quickly. She was only 9 years old. It’s never easy to let go of our animals, as they are such a big part of our families. I don’t know how old was your Kayla, but I know for sure that we never forget them. May you find peace in your heart. Hopefully another dog will find its way into your heart. I had two dogs, so now I only have Milka left with me. Oddly enough, Milka who is now 6 is doing better being the only dog in the house. Who would have thought. So my wish is : May all the Kayla in Heaven unite to make sure that all lost puppies and dogs reunite with their owners.

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