Tuesday , 12 December 2017

Dog abandoned at groomer in Montreal

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Do you recognize this dog? On Friday, he was taken to a grooming facility in Montreal. His condition was deplorable, his underbelly was completely matted and he had easily not been groomed for a year.

Abandoned at groomer

His owner never returned.

He is small-medium in size – and appears to be a  spaniel/poodle mix.

The kind person who took him in has SERIOUS allergies in her home and simply cannot keep him. Thus, a foster or permanent home is desperately needed.  He comes with donated cage & bed, food, toys, leash & collar.

There is no room at any rescue at the moment.

If you can help (even temporarily) or need more info: please contact the Nutri Depot where he was left at 514 332-0220.  And spread the word!

After a desperately needed grooming

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  1. Congrats to this groomer for finding him a temporary foster home and publicizing his plight. What losers some people are, totally uncaring and heartless to abandon this sweet baby. I have 4 cats and two dogs, and I am full up or would take him in a minute. Am sharing on FB.

  2. please support – its so heart-breaking

  3. hugs from germany sabina with westie luke

  4. this is awful.. But did you try these shelters: Sophie’s Dog adoption or Le Repaire de Sasha? In the meantime I am sharing on facebook, hoping he will find at least a foster home.

  5. I work for a rescue and I have came in contact with a woman looking for a small size dog for her and her husband. Hopefully it be an poption for a foreve home for him.

  6. My aunt, in Kemptville Ontario, is extremely interested in adopting this cutie. I will call to see if he’s available.

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