Tuesday , 12 December 2017

Remembering the 300 Search and Rescue Dogs of America

It is a day of mourning and we will all live, if it is possible to say, with a scar in our memories after the tragedy of our neighbor country: 9/11. Innocent people lost their lives and innocent families will cry their departure forever. It was a day of martyrs and a day of heroes. In such devastating day, humans counted on their best friend for help. Man’s best friend and devotion showed up to the rescue. 

I wonder what it was like for the rescue dogs? I ponder on what were the scents that they smelled. Was it fear? Was it the smell of human adrenaline? Did they feel anxious at the time of deciding which one was more important to point to?

I wonder if at the imminent moment of disaster these heroes were scared or if they had the desire to turn back as they could hear the falling rumble. Where did these magnificent creatures get the courage that humans lack and get the super-natural abilities that only animated heroes can have? Dogs count with a keen sense of smell, the ability to hear things human ears can’t hear, the incredible courage that they are willing to take a bullet for their master. The amount of love and forgiveness that exists in their being is absolute and divine.

For these reasons and for many others, I salute the K9 forces that were vital to the 9/11 rescue teams. These dogs were predestined, as puppies, to be trained in order to save and help humans. The 300 Search and Rescue Dogs of  America are true rescue heroes.


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