Tuesday , 12 December 2017

ASPCA Mobile Spay/Neuter clinic for the first time in Quebec


On Saturday, for the first time in Quebec, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) Mobile Spay/Neuter clinic rolled in to the city of Laval. This presentation was an initiative of the Centres of Adoption of Pets of Quebec (Caacq) and Ms. Johanne Tasse was present to speak at the event. The presentation took place at the Firehouse in Sainte Rose, 555 Blv Cure-Labelle. The Mayor of the City of Laval, Mr. Gilles Vaillancourt, was present to learn about the mobile unit, how it functions and the benefits that it brings to the community.

Also attending was Ms. Shelby Davies, Director of Operations of the of the mobile unit and even Aime Christian the Vice President of the ASPCA. To my surprise, Ms. Jane Hoffman, of the Mayors alliance for New York, was there to give testimony of the effectiveness and how it has helped the state of New York.

During the presentation it was said that the city of Laval has the goal of obtaining one while the city of Montreal is seeing getting two Mobile Spay/Neuter clinics. The cost of each would be between $200,000 and $400,000. Just for the mobile units to be brought to Quebec there was a cost of $8,000 to showcase them. According to an interview that Johanne Tasse did for Radio Canada, the Quebec order of Veterinaries, there seems to be a few details that have to be cleared up in order to have the mobile units functioning in our province. Dr. Joël Bergeron President of Ordre des médecins vétérinaires du Québec states in his interview that the mobile units seem like an interesting idea that will be considered but that they have to analyze and see if the mobile units meet the standards of any other location where a surgical procedure takes place.

People at times seem to be impatient with the pace of “change.” By this Mobile Spay/Neuter clinic rolling in to our province, we can see that “change” is coming for our society and the horrible situation for the companion animal population in Quebec.
To watch a video of  the Mayor of Laval speaking about the spay/neuter mobile units click here

To watch a video of Saturday’s newscast click here

To listen to the radio interview done by Radio Canada to Johanne Tasse click here

The following pictures were taken by Danielle Leger and Kathleen Desrosiers that were at the presentation. Thank you so much for allowing us to post the pictures.








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