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Piper and Pebbles: A puppy mill story

Sometimes it feels like the fight against Quebec puppy mills is of David and Goliath proportions.  Many people have a passion to see them shut their doors forever (and their operators face stiff criminal penalties and jail time), but the battle is tedious.  There are so many horrific stories that never get a voice. There are so many animals that suffer unspeakable cruelty in the dark, damp corners of puppy mill facilities right here in Quebec. The only reason they live, if they live, is to make someone a quick buck by selling their babies to pet stores or wherever else an uneducated buyer may be found.

Piper and Pebbles

Here are two dogs, rescued from a Quebec puppy mill. Pebbles, the yorkie poo and Piper the toy poodle.


Amazingly, these animals actually lived to their senior years. The vet estimated each at around 12 years old. They were breeder dogs. Forced to churn out litter after litter of puppies their entire lives. Languishing for years in a filthy, cramped cage – uncared for, unloved, unheard.

In Bad Shape

Once rescued, they were given veternary care. They stayed in the home of a volunteer, where they received love and attention and proper food and a warm bed – likely for the first time in their harrowing lives. Surprisingly, (but not an uncommon story with puppy mill dogs), they soaked up the affection -seemingly making up for 12 years of lost time.
Pebbles, the yorkie-poo lived this way a few days. Likely the only days of her entire life that she ever knew human kindness. Her heart had sounded strong, her personality had started to bloom – but after so many years of neglect, her body just couldn’t endure. She cried out constantly. She was in too much pain and could no longer walk. The only thing left was to provide her the gift of a dignified end, freedom from her lifelong misery.

The Future for Piper
Piper remains. Her first night without Pebbles, she struggled to vocalize her agony, but debarking has left her voice small and weak. But the beautiful thing about dogs is their resilience. So, Piper carries on. I’m told by her foster mom that she likes to curl up near the cat. And wants nothing more than a warm lap to call her own.
Kiko Dog Rescues and Adoptions is fostering Piper. They have provided her the necessary vet care she needs and hopefully will find her a loving home where she can spend her retirement, comfortable and loved.

You Can Help
This is one story of tragic thousands. One story that finally has a voice. These dogs didn’t deserve to suffer such inhumane treatment for so many years. No living thing does. And yet, as you read this the cycle continues right here in Quebec. Pebbles and Piper have produced litter after litter of puppies in their lifetimes. Do your research when you get a dog. Don’t stand for this barbaric cycle of abuse any longer. Find out how to fight puppy mills in Quebec today and spread the word.

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