Tuesday , 12 December 2017

Update: Benji, the dog left at groomer

We know you’re curious about Benji! And we’re glad to say – this story has a happy ending!  Benji was the little dog recently dumped at a Montreal groomer in bad shape.  Read our first piece on him here.

When we first learned of the story, he had been taken in by a kind woman named Barbara. She wanted to help but had severe allergies in her household and knew he couldn’t stay. So, we put the call out to our readers, and Johanne stepped up to the plate.  She brought Benji into her home on a fostering basis – while inviting those interested to fill out applications.

Here are a few shots of Benji and Charlotte (Johanne’s dog):

In his foster home with Charlotte - who he loved to play with!
Foster siblings

 Johanne realized that Benji – while excellent with dogs, playful and sweet –  had a few issues (some fear biting, hesitancy with small children).  So – the home would need to be an experienced one, willing to help this little fellow no matter what. 

Please read this e-mail from Johanne – who racked up some kilometers this weekend, introducing Benji (his new name is Harvey!) to his new home. And thank you to EVERYONE involved (including our readers for sharing the story) and helping one dog find his forever home!  At about 4 years old, he’s got a long, happy life to get living!

Johanne’s E-mail:

Benji has indeed been placed with his new family, the lovely couple who actually live out in Merrickville – a little further than Kemptville. I did a home visit with him yesterday and stayed for a few hours to make sure everybody got along. He now lives with 3 cats, another dog and two horses on a 12.5 acre hobby farm! Their neighbours also have 2 big dogs that he gets along famously and they all have experience with rescued dogs – most of them with issues of some sort or another.

The wife (Lynn) will be sending me regular updates on him and I have asked if I can go out and visit him in a month or so, just to see how he’s doing.

Already, she has let me know that he’s getting along well with everyone – still a little hesitant around the husband, Doug – but he apparently put his paws on Doug’s thigh this morning so I guess he’s warming up to him! The cats are constantly rubbing themselves up against Benji and he seems to be enjoying the attention.

They will be having him neutered as soon as possible, as well.

All in all, I’d say we can put our worries to bed and know that he is in a very good place and won’t ever have to see the inside of a garage again!

Johanne 🙂

PS: I’ve attached some pics of the farm and of him with his new canine buddy. 🙂 (see below!)


Charlotte and Benji on the way to his new home









Benji's new 'yard'!









Meeting his new family









"This guy ain't so bad"

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  1. Awwwww! Happy Tears!! I love that Charlotte was a great foster sister too! She looks so cute! Thank you so much Johanne for helping out Benji and bless the new family that has given him a happy home:)

  2. I am so happy that Harvey is with my aunt and uncle! I know he will be very loved there.

  3. This story has touched our hearts.
    Sending lots of love to Benji and his new family…
    Katie & Glogirly

  4. u go JoJo…..kindest heart to friends of four legs and two 🙂 very proud of you

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