Tuesday , 12 December 2017

Earth Day-You are not a snowflake in an avalanche!

Fist of all HAPPY BELATED EARTH DAY everybody!:)

I celebrate Earth Day every year…it is s symbol of my commitment to helping making my planet a better place.  This year I was not able to celebrate in any specific Earth Day celebration because I was finishing up my last “Coaching” weekend.. a three day intense weekend. After 7 months, I am on my way to completing my PPCC (Professional and Personal Coaching Certification) and very excited! So, I found myself having to celebrate in a very different way but nonetheless, I celebrated…..this Coaching journey has in fact, enhanced my commitment to playing an even bigger, and more proactive role,  in the causes I truly care about…on the top of my list…people, planet and pets!  I feel very blessed!

I mean, in reality, I do my best to live “green” everyday.  There are always unexpected challenges but I always keep my commitment in mind.  One of my Cohort Colleagues, mentioned a quote in class, and it stuck… “No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible“, George Burns.   It is so easy for us to say or think that we, in our ourselves, are powerless.  We have seen time and time again, in dog rescue for example, how many of us, individually and collectively, make such a DIFFERENCE.  Sometimes it is a thankless and tiring job but maybe it’s because we focus on the wrong things.  If we looked into the eyes of those saved, we would recognize just how powerful each ONE of us is time and time again.

Earth day is always a time for me to reflect on what did I do? What could I have done better? And what can I do moving forward? I have stopped thinking about others and what they do.  I can not control what others do.  But I can certainly be more aware of my own actions and what I hold dear.

 I can be a voice, a message carrier. I can be proactive and passionate. I can choose to be positive and proactive. I do not give up, I do not stop. I celebrate even the smallest of successes and I move forward not backwards. 

In my reality, I think Earth day is everyday but we can use this “special” calendar date to take a stand and decide how as individuals we can even do more..to push ourselves through the belief that we are moving in the right direction and that every rescue, every message, every share, every forever home, every adoption, every heart touched, and every mind changed is in fact moving forward!

This is what we can do in the “bigger” picture….Why not start big? And on a more personal and everyday basis, we can also act in smaller, but none the less important, more responsible ways. We have the ability to do implement small acts to reduce our carbon footprint for both ourselves and our pets.

1. Switch to biodegradable poop bags!

2. Adopt instead of shop. The Beaconsfield Pet Fair and Family Fun Day is coming up on June 2nd…Bring friends, family, and do not forget to let people know… especially those looking for a new family member. Hope to see you there!

3. De-clutter but pay it forward- drop off those old blankets and sheets to your local shelter.  In fact, save leashes, bowls, collars, etc. In fact there is a collar/leash drive presently going on…why not collect and drop them off at Boutique Woof Meow, located at 440 Beaconsfield Blvd., Beaconsfield, Quebec. Tel: 514-783-1020?  Do something good…it feels good!  I will be dropping some off tomorrow:)

4. Bring out the Baker in you-start making/baking organic and natural cookies.  Check out Dog Treat Kitchen. And if you do eat meat, why not consider eating less..why not participate in meatless Mondays?

5.  Check your household cleaning products and make sure they are not toxic.  Check out my older post on harmful cleaning supplies.

6. Recycle pet food cans and litter boxes.

7. Buy responsibly in regards to toys, dishes and bedding. There are many brands made from recycled or organic material: hemp and recycled plastics.

8. Check all ingredients and purchase natural shampoo/grooming products that do not contain pesticides or toxic chemicals. If you can’t say it, don’t  buy it!

9. Become an Eco Jogger/Walker-Exercise with your pets and pick up garbage along the way…more calories burned that way and the dog will love it!

10. Skip the Hand Sanitizer since most brands contain toxic Triclosan, an antibacterial agent that’s harmful to people. pets, and the environment.

11. Let’s all be educators: April is also Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month so let’s do what we can to share this message and bring awareness.  We all have the ability to educate!

IMAGINE…..If we all just added one new habit……WOW… the synergies of change!

Make Earth day everyday and continue to ask…”What can I give back?” You will be happy you did.  It is not somebody else’s planet….!

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.  ~Mahatma Ghandi

And it case I forget..today is National Picnic Day..I would like to say “take your meal outdoors and enjoy a picnic” but unfortunately the weather is not cooperating..but there is always tomorrow! Have an indoor picnic today!

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