Monday , 19 February 2018

Berger Blanc still in business and we continue to protest

 The following is a personal opinion piece by bloggerby Liliana Danel
A year has passed and Berger Blanc is still in business. I can say that I have been able to attend all protests organized by SPA Canada. It is sad to say that the number of people that show up has lowered in numbers. The ones that are persistent in showing up to advocate against the manner in which the city cares for animal control, have now become my friends. Although we are there angry, I am happy to say that the friendships created are now a network of true animal advocates whose minds and hearts don’t forget the images of the torture and the painful howling that we all saw a year ago. It has been a year…and the Berger Blanc is still open and expanding. Just today, they start functioning back again in Laval. We believe it is temporary until the new Animal Control building is established.
I was there this past Saturday to protest at this horrible place. The SPA Canada Team was there to encourage all that want to have this place closed down. We are still protesting for it to close down and for the city to provide a reliable and caring animal control services. No matter how long it takes…no matter how much rain…there are always true animal advocates that will endure anything in order to enforce their right to protest.
I have seen comments from people saying, why protest to close down if there is no other option. That is the exact reason of my motivation to protest. We have to protest in order for those that are in charge to give us what we demand. I am not a conformist. “Most people are more comfortable with old problems than with new solutions.” It is idiotic to think that we are protesting to close something without demanding an alternative solution. Some people do not have common sense and realize that the Berger Blanc will not close down in 2 or 3 days…we all demand a solution that will benefit all.
If we stand in the rain, cold or heat, it has no benefit to us.  The benefit of all these protests will be for them: the animals.  Therefore, I want to thank all the unselfish people that show up at protests.  Your courage and unselfish heart is advocating for those that don’t have a voice.  You are making a difference for other living creatures.  I admire, respect and can say that I see as heroes all those that advocate for a cause that does not affect them directly.
Thank you so much to everyone that gives their voice to animals.

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  1. I am very disappointed that there was not a huge turnout at the protest. I have attended most of the SPA’s protests, but unfortunately was not able to make it last Saturday, as I didn’t have a lift, as did some others. I have protested during the very cold winter months, hot sunny days and very wet days.

    We must REMEMBER that animals don’t only die on SUNNY days and we must JOIN FORCES to fight for our precious beings. Without UNITY, the animals will always continue to suffer & die !! No one group should be in it for the glory, but solely for the CAUSE !! Thank you !

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