Saturday , 25 November 2017

After almost 6 weeks lost – Holly has been found!

We have an update on Holly – who we told you about back in early April.   This tiny Puppy Mill rescue wriggled out of her collar, bolted from her dog walker and never stopped running.

Holly was missing for about 6 weeks

Last week, we received a comment on Montreal Dog Blog from someone who had seen our post and believed they had found Holly.  Immediately, we contacted Animatch (where Holly was originally adopted from), who contacted her owner, Monique.  As you can imagine, Monique was extremely relieved – not to mention hopeful. But was it REALLY Holly?

She connected with the people – went to their home – and much to her delight, saw that it was Holly! And not only is she alive and well – but thriving (scroll down for current pics)! Here is what happened, as detailed by Monique:

The day we lost Holly, around 2 in the afternoon she must have wandered along the train track towards Decarie. Chris, (the young man who found her) did a delivery in the back of a building and saw Holly running. Since he is a dog lover and has a little one at home himself, he rescued her, put her in the car and took her home. She would not eat for 2 days and they took her to the vet, who gave her some “booster”.  She started to get used to her new owner and dog sibling. And now – rules the house! She sleeps with them, they go to the park twice a day.  The woman there is home all day. When I asked the woman if she wanted to keep Holly (now, “Coco”) she had tears in her eyes and told me that Holly was my dog and she had no right to keep her.  I saw how the 2 were bonded ( to tell you the truth, I was a little bit disappointed of Holly’s non-reaction to me).  But, in the end –  that made it so much easier to let her be with her new parents. I felt very at peace that the Universe showed me that happy ending to a sad beginning. 

We love a happy ending!  And are tickled to know we played a part in it!  And of course, we have nothing but praise for Monique. Though she hadn’t had Holly very long before she was lost – this was still her dog and she could have removed Holly from the home.  But seeing firsthand how adored she is and what a wonderful life she is living – she put the dog’s needs first.  And really, as pet lovers, that’s what we all want:  a happy, healthy pet in a loving home.

When your pet is lost – never give up hope!  And remember, when it comes to lost pets,  your ‘shares’ matter!

*A further note to this story: When Holly was brought to the vet, she was never checked for a microchip (which she had!).  Please, if you find a lost animal, check with a vet to see if it has been microchipped! 

Here are some excellent resources for Lost/Found animals in Montreal.

Here are some shots of a happy, healthy and fluffy Holly in her new home! 

Holly has a new leash on life!
Holly loves her new owners and dog sibling
From a puppy mill to wide open spaces
Holly is thriving in her new home!
Holly is happy and healthy!


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