Thursday , 23 November 2017

Operation Save Marley!




Marley is a 3 year old Golden Retriever from an extremely small village called Waskaganish, located on the South-East shore of James Bay.  A local woman claimed to own him without providing him with shelter or any kind of food.  As a result, most of his time was spent taking turns visiting local teachers, who welcomed him into their homes while providing him with much needed love and plenty of good food.  Marley became quite popular around town, and would escort the residents to and from the local grocery store on weekend walks.  He would protect their land from wild animals, and take extra care of protecting the local children.  One of Marley’s absolute favourite things to do is to chase cars.  On Saturday, unfortunately one of those cars failed to slow down in time.

Marley was discovered by a man whose home he stayed at regularly.  Struck badly on his back side, he had visibly shattered his right hind leg.  Because there are no Veterinary hospitals in proximity to Washaganish, the most common solution to a seriously injured animal would unfortunately be a rifle.  Unable to accept this kind of fate for Marley, the man decided to take Marley home.  In an attempt to find ANY kind of help, he began sending pleas over facebook, asking everyone he knew to do the same.

In Montreal, Kathleen Mackey saw Marley and immediately took action.  A gracious friend purchased Marley a plane ticket to Montreal, and within 24 hrs, Marley landed.  Meanwhile, Kathleen contacted us for help.  Although PetitsPawz is predominately a cat rescue, we do take on dogs in emergency situations.  As soon as we heard about this wonderful dog, there was no way we weren’t going to do everything in our power to get him the help he so desperately needed.  Today, OPERATION SAVE MARLEY is in full effect!

Upon arrival on Sunday, Marley was immediatly brought to an emergency hospital for preliminary care.  On Monday afternoon, he was then transferred to the LaSalle Animal Hospital under the care of the amazing Dr. Plasse. Marley has a shattered knee, an injured pelvis and a dislocated hip, broken in two places. Fortunately, his right hind leg will not be amputated as we first thought, but he will be requiring an extensive surgery.

TOTAL COSTS ARE ESTIMATED AT $6000 (including the emergency vet bill, surgery, treatment, medication, recovery, and food).  This amount includes a generous discount from Dr. Plasse.

We need to be raise at least $4500 BEFORE we can proceed with the surgery, and WE NEED YOUR HELP!!

To Donate:

Click here  and choose ‘Funds for Marley’


Donate directly to the vet for Marley’s care by calling the Lasalle Animal Hospital at 514-365-6880 – speak with Melanie to make arrangements.



Marley arrives at the Lasalle Animal Hospital


Marley is sedated before being transported inside


Marley is transported inside the hospital


Marley is examined by Dr. Plasse





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  1. I can vouch for Dr. Plasse. He is an amazing human being that also happens to be a great vet. He will do wonders for Marley.

    Good on those that stepped up to help this dog in any way they could!

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