Saturday , 25 November 2017

First Animal Adoption and Microchipping Clinic Sponsored by the city of Laval Quebec

Danielle Doyon speaking for Laval companion animals at the City Council meeting



This past weekend was the first animal adoption clinic organized and sponsored by the city of Laval. The Centres d’adoption animaux de compagnie du Québec (CAACQ), directed by Mrs. Johanne Tasse, brought to the Samson arena several well-known rescues to promote adoption in the city. This is the first time in the province of Quebec that such an event was held.

Animals for adoption, animal businesses that support animal adoption, and people that truly care for the welfare of animals made the event a success.
There was also a microchipping initiative that was offered to all Laval residents for 25$. And I am grateful for this and now my rescue dog has a chip that will protect him if at any moment he may get lost.
All of this is the result of citizens of Laval that cared for all the well beings of animals. Danielle Doyon, an animal activist and Laval resident, has pushed all her rights as a citizen to benefit all of our companion animals. Since the day it was learned of the cruelty of Berger Blanc, she has made herself known at city councils and has used the power of her voice and the microphone to speak for animals.

Just this past May, she took the mic to thank the Mayor of Laval in the city council meeting for the great initiatives he has started. She thanked him:

1. For his administration keeping on top of the topic and on the issue;

2. For his administration seeking the help, expertise and knowledge of the CAACQ;

3. For his administration investing time and resources

4. For his administration dealing with the Ordre des médecins vétérinaires du Québec  (OMVQ), so the veterinarians consider relaxing their statues and rules so they see the importance of sterilizations at a low price and welcome the sterilizations vans by the ASPCA;

5. Plans have been set into action. For example, allowing the UMS from NY and inviting elected officials and media and the vetererinarians to see the vans. As well as the adoption day and microchiping clinic of May 26, 2012

The last statement given by Ms Doyon was a question for the Mayor:  When will the city of Laval launch and promote an awareness and education campaign?

This is the first initiative taken by a city in the province of Quebec. We can only hope that other cities mimic the great start of the city of Laval and therefore we can only say that we live in a civilized province where we really care about animal welfare.

Watch the following video on Nanner’s getting microchiped and photos of the great event! Congrats Laval Quebec!





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