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Most of you know about  one of the largest dog seizures in Canada last fall that resulted in 100’s of dogs being placed in temporary care in Quebec. What you don’t know is lucky for us that our leader and shelter manager was a Florida native named Connie Brooks.

She took on this task like no one I have ever met before and taught us all how to run a temporary shelter with skill and experience.

Puppies were being born every day, volunteers were low, donations were slow but Connie showed no sign of fatigue. She showed up with a smile and left with one too.

She trained us hard that are for sure, but what we learned was invaluable for our future endeavours in rescue.

She stuck it out through our windy and rainy fall season and didn’t complain about the upcoming winter, she just donned a parka to cross the path and went about overseeing  little lives.

Connie does Quebec!


I had the greatest fortune to work once more with Connie last month at a seizure in the U.S.A.

Again, Connie was the lead shelter manager and was intotal control of an almost uncontrollable situation of 100’s of sick animals in a temporary shelter.

We watched in awe and at night the subject always camearound to “Isn’t Connie amazing? “You could tell by all who work by her side she is one of the most respected people in animal rescue at the ASPCA ,HSUS, D.A.R.T. and HSI. I am so proud to say I worked with her too.


Three days after we left this last seizure Connie had a massive stroke at the end of the day, still at the shelter, miles away from home. Only Connie would wait until everyone else was settled in for the night.

She was rushed to the Mayo clinic. I am crying as Iwrite this because it is still a shock to all who know her. None of us slept those first few days. It seems like it took forever for the prognosis to improve but she really did push herself to heal, in true Connie fashion.

Our first photo of Connie after the stroke....Thumbs up.

She has just this week gone home to heal at a rehab center close to her family and friends.

I think of her every day and I know she will be itching to get back on the road as soon as she can… It will take time but I know she

will.  I hope one day  to get a chance to work with her again, maybe even here in Quebec.

Happy Birthday Connie, from all your friends in Quebec and Ontario. You are one of us now too !

All those little paws from the Quebec seizure thank you also for without you,  many would never have made it.


You were the best teacher. When I grow up, I wanna be you.



If  you want to write to Connie please join Support for Connie Brooks on Facebook. Start from the beginning . Some of the stories are wonderful.








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