Wednesday , 17 January 2018

The dog rescue of the week!


Normally I post the Rescue Round Up list on Fridays. The Rescue Round-Up News is a list of the top 10 stories out of all those that I tweet out during the week. For some reason, the story of little Xiaose stands alone this week. This little stray dog from China, made a 1,700km journey across China after joining the bicycle race from Suchuan to Tibet. Xiaosa, started to follow the cyclist because one of them had compassion and gave him food while the cyclists had stopped to rest. After that day, the little dog ran next to the cyclists for 20 days and he would run for almost 60km a day and he went on to climb 12 mountains. Xiaose became a part of the team and help the team get through the race. He got to beat over 300 cyclists that could not keep up with him!

Watch the following news report from the UK covering Xiaose’s story.







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