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Carlee the kitten, caring and determination, and a lesson in letting go!

I wanted to share this posting from a good friend of mine, Kelly Howarth.  Kelly and I are both certified professional Coaches and beyond that, bonified animal lovers.   I heard her tell this story and felt this would be the perfect forum to share it with you all.  This is all about Carlee the kitten….and how she got HOME!

“Meet Carlee. This little gem, the runt of the litter, came into my life as the lesson of letting go was unfolding around me. While facilitating a workshop in New Carlisle, Gaspe, I was dealing with a difficult personal situation occupying my thoughts. After completing the workshop, a particularly unpleasant e-mail threatened to shatter the enjoyment of what would be a day to tour the coast and see Perce Rock with my colleague. So I asked the Universe to get me through the challenge of my emotions and let me enjoy exploring this coastal region.

One hour later, I came upon a litter of four furry ball kittens along a dirt road leading up to Black Lake. It seemed they were hitching a ride, having been abandoned as I later learned commonly happens with the local population of unwanted cats. My colleague and I stopped the rental car and the sparse traffic, not knowing quite what to do. It was clear to me: I could not, after asking the Universe for a miracle, bypass these animals whose situation made them far more vulnerable and helpless than mine.

Herding cats is no easy feat; we finally got them all settled into the car, and then the adventure of finding them homes began! I had only one day to place these treasures or locate a refuge that would care for them until good homes could be found. Harbored in the bathroom of my hotel, along with litter, food and water, they ate voraciously and slept in the bathtub while I worked the phones in a networking frenzy that had one little black male placed with a family and the three remaining kittens going to a wonderful refuge called Amis-Zoo run by Andree. Andree and her partner, Michel came to my hotel room the night before I was to leave by plane the next morning. She would take two kittens as I had told her I would take one home with me. Unfortunately, the small private airline’s administration told me their policy of not allowing animals on the plane. I couldn’t take the chance of not being allowed on-board if I tried to smuggle this little angel in my sweater.

I had to let it all go…let my personal situation and the things I cannot change go, let these beautiful good-natured kittens go, and I had to let go, the little one I wanted to keep, again telling the Universe my wish to have her if a way could be found.

Andree entered my hotel room and got right down on the floor with all of the kittens, now running loose and getting ready for their transfer. I told Andree it would be three rather than two as I could not take Carlee on the plane to Montreal. Then she looked up at me and said: “I’m coming to Montreal in early December. I’ll bring her to you.” Wow! I let go and the Universe provided!

Carlee is now home, adapting to my existing two cats who’ve accepted her into the fray. She is independent, gentle, affectionate and fearless–an interesting mix of characteristics that resonate with me. Carlee is exactly where she needs to be. So am I. And all this just because of my willingness to LET GO!

What is your story about letting go?”

Shared from Kelly’s blog, One Word Pundit! Thanks Kelly…from the looks of it…both you and Carlee are very lucky to have found each other along that dirt road that day! Love happy endings!


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