Saturday , 25 November 2017

June Bug

June Beetle
Give a shout-out to the June Bug!

Have you experienced this?  While taking the pooch for a walk or sipping a cola on the patio, a mosquito whines in your ear, the dog chases a fly and an army of bugs generally invades your personal space?  Well, while going out to relax on my terrace with my two cats, an impenetrable cloud of shad flies and the like were waiting for me.  Among all the insanity of shooing away the winged creatures I spotted this massive beetle waiting on the screen door.  FREAK OUT?

No way!   Instead I took a moment to really look at the bug.   While the cats were distracted by the birds chirping not too far off  I was examining the size and milky color of this beetle!  It was definitely photo-worthy.  Luckily it cooperated and stayed still for several minutes, and the cats behaved well enough that I could run inside and grab my camera.    Well as you can see, I got the shots, and you can too.   At the end of this blog is a helpful tip for photographing insects.

Not only was I interested in the bug because it would be great in a photo, but I wanted to know what is was.  After calling in a favor with an insect specialist friend, low and behold, this is the JUNE BUG!  This beetle, aptly named the June Bug is said to appear in the early summer months.

It was refreshing to see something new and beautiful among the chaotic cloud of insects that I would normally consider pests, and annoying.  It gave me a  new perspective.  In my photography of animals the furry and cute creatures get most of the attention while the scaley ones do not.  I learned yet again that beauty is all around us and sometimes where we least expect it.

In June, especially we often notice the bug population go way up.  So instead of getting annoyed by the pests,  why not consider a new perspective and pull out your camera.   Ring in the shift from June to July with a little shout-out to the big beetle named for this month!  This being the first time I have seen a June bug I am glad I took these shots.  Who knows when I might see another one again.
When photographing insects use the macro setting or a macro lens on your camera.
Remember that macro photography is more sensitive to movement so use a tri-pod or brace yourself next to a tree.

June Beetle Scale
See the size of the June Bug!

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