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Petition : Clauses prohibiting pets in residential leases in Quebec


The National Assembly of Québec website has uploaded an electronic petition asking ask the National Assembly to address a situation concerning clauses prohibiting pets in residential leases in our province. The petition states that the citizens or residents of Québec, call upon the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, Regions and Land Occupancy to render all clauses prohibiting pets in residential leases null and without effect.

The petition mentions that the Régie du logement’s own estimate, only 3% of landlords accept tenants with dog. It is not confirmed why the estimated percentage mentions only dogs and not other companion animals.The reasons for calling for action in this petition are the following:

  1. Thousands of animals are abandoned each year for the sole reason that their owners are unable to find housing that permits pets.
  2. The prohibition of pets in rental housing units primarily affects low-income individuals, due to the fact that they have more limited opportunities for housing; no pet clauses unfairly favor landlords by allowing them to penalize all pet owners who are looking for affordable rental housing, regardless of how their animals actually behave.
  3. Québec should follow in the footsteps of its neighbor Ontario, which invalidated no pet clauses over twenty years ago in the 1990s.

It is comforting to know that someone took the initiative to start the petition and I am so grateful for the individual that did. I cannot say I agree with the statement given by the petitioner saying that this primarily affects low-income individuals. I have heard several cases of owners that need to hide their cats when they move to certain expensive condos or they do have to get rid of their companion animals even when the housing is not for low-income individuals. Nonetheless…the petition is now available online and we should support it. Please note that according to the website you can only sign once.

There are so many people and individuals that discredit online petitions by and in this province. These people and the government fail to see that even their online petition done on their site can be abused just like the other online site petitions. The validation is only done by email and there is no verification if there is such an individual in the certain given address. Either way, we have to march to the beat of their drum in order to try get things done. Please share the petition with Quebec citizens and residents only.

If you are interested in starting a petition you have to follow the indications given by the website of the National Assembly:

Any Québec resident may present a petition to the Assembly through a Member of the National Assembly. The people who sign a petition are called the petitioners.

A petition may be started and signed on paper or online.

Contact the Assembly for more information.

  • Telephone:
    • Québec City area: 418-643-7239
    • Toll-free: 1-866-337-8837
  • Fax: 418-646-4271

The group of Action citoyenne responsable des animaux de compagnie au Québec (ACRACQ) posted on their Facebook page that the petition will be presented by André Simard. He is the elected member of the National Assembly of Quebec  representing the electoral district of Kamouraska-Témiscouata (Parti Québécois) .

The petition period is till October 9,2012. Please sign this petition. Do not let it fall flat like the petition asking for Quebec to implement standards for shelters and pounds in Quebec. Although, that petition was started and done like it is asked for, the petition failed due to not having enough signatures. Therefore it is important for all of us to sign and share if we do want to see a result. It takes a minute of your time to sign and share. After the petition signing period is over the website states that the petition is presented to the National Assembly by the MNA chosen to do so. After the petition is turned it, the website clearly states that it can be examined in parliamentary committee. The Québec government has then the responsibility of answering the petition presented to the National Assembly.

To sign the petition click here

If you would like to sign and share the petition in French click here

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