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Cat caught paw in steel jaw leg hold trap in Montreal North

On July 10, 2012 a cat was brought to the SPCA facility, due to his his front paw being caught in a steel jaw leg hold trap.. For some reason someone placed the trap under a balcony in a residence located in Montreal North. A steel jaw leg hold trap it is mainly used by hunters in order to trap wild animals.

The cat was found in critical condition. His front paw was extremely swollen and the cat was in pain. According to the press release done by the Montreal SPCA the cat had to undergo emergency treatment and is under the care of the SPCA’s veterinary team.

The cat had to undergo emergency treatment performed by the SPCA’s veterinary team. “What makes matters worse,” said Alanna Devine, Director of Animal Welfare, SPCA,  “is that these steel jaw leg hold trap are considered legal and “humane” by the Minister of Natural Resources and Fauna for the purposes of hunting. Each year thousands of animals are caught in these types of traps and suffer greatly before they eventually succumb to death from their injuries or are picked up by the trapper/hunter who set the trap.” “It is outrageous,” said Nicholas Gilman, Executive Director of the SPCA, “that the law allows these kinds of traps to be used on helpless animals.  The SPCA stands in opposition to this indiscriminate and inhumane type of trap.

The SPCA staff has named the cat Botté . The SPCA informs that they  will be pursuing an investigation in order to find the trap owner and see what charges can be laid on the person responsible. The Montreal SPCA is asking from the public’s collaboration in giving any information that can lead to finding the trap owner and the one responsible for hurting Botté’s paw. Please, prevent another animal getting hurt. If you have any information please do the right thing and give your voice for Botté.

Please contact the Inspection department at


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  1. This is absolutely disgusting. Also, This could have hurt a child.

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