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 The following is a courtesy listing. Please consider sharing this posting with friends and family in order to help Valdi find a good home. The Montreal SPCA Emergency Shelter is working very hard to help Valdi find her furever parents. Remember that sharing is caring. Thank you very much!


Adopted from the SPCA as a puppy, Valdi has found herself back in the shelter 5 years later. Her owners had no more time for her. She is depressed, still waiting for them to come back to get her. Valdi needs someone to trust again. An adult home experienced with large dogs, a fenced in yard or someone who loves to walk would be ideal. She must be the only pet. She is a pit bull mix and is 5 1/2 years old. Foster homes are welcome.

Please contact the Montreal SPCA Emergency Shelter: adoptions.spca@gmail.com



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