Thursday , 23 November 2017

Protest against by-law that endangers all dogs to a certain death in Montreal

-by Liliana Danel, MDB Blogger 

On August 20 2012, Quebec Animaux held a protest at Montreal City Hall. Around 100 people gathered to voice their discontent on the new by-law that is being proposed and will apply to all type of dogs in the Montreal area. This by-law will make no difference if it is a large, medium, or small breed of dog that could bite or scratch another human or non-human animal. No matter what the situation the dog is involved in, the human companion of the dog has only 24 hours to find a certified dog behaviorist in order to assess the behavior of the dog. If this is not accomplished, the dog will be put to death.

It is unfair to dogs that we cannot understand their language. I will always be surprised that dogs can understand us no matter what language we speak. What the City of Montreal and some trainers may say is that the dog’s brain is not big enough and certain part of it could not differentiate or feel emotions. I totally say it’s false. Maybe because it is small they keep their emotions balanced and are not hypocrites like humans tend to be. Humans have no way to understand the reason why an animal bites or scratches. Animals have no way to explain to us their side of their story and recount to us what drove them to respond in that manner. A bite could be out of fear, anger and even happy playful bite or grunt. For every action there is a reaction.

Instead of the city focusing on how to constrain human companions to dogs and give an easy way to a complaint that could lead to death, city officials should put all their energy and efforts to mimic the city of Toronto and ban the sales of animals in the city. Such solution would save the city a lot of money as well as  of other issues regarding companion animals!

Implementing a sale ban of companion animals and promoting animal adoption would be a solution to reduce the number of illicit breeders, and it would reduce the amount of animal abandonment. The overflowing number of euthanasia of innocent animals could be reduced. Animal control could focus on rehabilitating animals and prosperously leading to successful adoptions. The number of puppy mills would be reduced and I have hope that this could lead to less cruelty and suffering of animals.

I ponder on who was assigned to the new regulations and by-law of animals. The group of people that sat down to draft all the mumbo jumbo of killing due to scratches or bites, has no clue about companion animals, human feelings and none the less…has no noodle in the gray mass to think what is best for the city of Montreal in general. City of Montreal needs to focus energy, time and money on by-laws that are positive to all.

I can only expect that during the first protest against the new regulation, people should understand that this has to be the first of many protests until something gets done. As an activist and a sentient human being that feels empathy for living creatures, I respectfully ask for the caring people of Montreal to make their voice heard. Please do not give up. Innocent animals are already dying and the executions will increase if this by-law is approved. Please, send your letter, and speak for those whose voice is mute to many.


To find the sample letter drafted by the SPCA please click here

To sign the on-line petition on please click here

To see the album of pictures of the first protest click here

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  1. Liliana, thank you so much for speaking out for the animals of Montreal. I’m so glad you ask people not to give up. It is so important to remain vocal for those who have no voice or vote.

    Keep up the great work!

    From all of us at Animal Alliance & Saving Dinah

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