Tuesday , 16 January 2018

3rd Annual Animal Fundraiser!




 Tickets will be sold at the entrance of the event! If there are any questions please feel free to call Mrs.Harrison at the following phone number: (514) 815 5226


A note from the organizer!


Dear Supporters,


This year we are excited to use Regal Gifts for our Fundraising Campaign. (Update with your fundraising purpose).


They offer more than 1000 products with hundreds being priced under $20. We are sure everyone can find something either for themselves or as a gift for family and friends.


Important Points


1. Regal has designed our own website for safe and secure ordering – www.3rdannual.shopregal.ca. Please read all the details on the homepage.

2. The website can only be viewed using Internet Explorer or Firefox entering the website address, do not search through Google or Google Chrome it will not direct you to the website.

3. You can start placing your orders immediately and all orders must be placed by on going.

4. After placing your order on our web store, the products are delivered directly to you. In stock items generally arrive within 7-10 business days.

5. To ensure your order is delivered quickly, we need you to either enter a physical address (not PO Box) or include your phone number when asked during the order process. For speedy delivery we recommend including both.

6. Regal has a low shipping rate – only $5 per order under $124.99 or 4% of the order total if your order is $125 or more. ( plus taxes)

7. Our Organization earns at least 30% on every order and up to 35% if we all buy more!!

8. Product Exchanges are done directly through Regal’s Exchange Centre – www.regal.ca/exchangecentre. Refunds can be requested through the Centre as well as long as your campaign is open. After the campaign closes you will only be able to receive an exchange.




We thank you for your continued support!!

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