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Miss Universe Canada fails to uphold the Miss Universe Creed

by Liliana Danel, MDB Blogger 

On August 31, 2012, the Vancouver Sun published an article in which Miss Universe Canada, Sahar Biniaz, gives support to a Breed Specific Legislation in the province of British Columbia.  She claims that at the age of 14 after allegedly being bitten by a dog of the pit bull breed she believes that the province should adopt a breed specific legislation.

In general, the article written by Kim Nursall is vague and lacks content. It is based on one point of view and gives minimal credibility to the statements made by Sahar Biniaz. As I read the article, I started to wonder if the facts that Sahar Biniaz stated are actually true and if we should even consider her credibility regarding her reasoning for despising the pit bull breed.

The first fact that she gives that seems illogical is that she claims it was an adopted pit bull but then she stated that the dog came from a breeder. Breeders do not adopt out animals. They make profit through the exploitation of animal reproduction. She further stated that the dog was dangerous and attacked her completely off guard. Sahar Biniaz, tends to forget that for every action there is a reaction, she does not explain what were the living conditions of the dog. We do not know if the parents were truly careful in providing the pup all the adequate training in order for him not to bite. Even with all the training in the world, all dogs could bite. It is unfair to conclude that just because the dog was a pit bull she was going to get bitten.

She claims her parents decided to rehome the animal instead of euthanizing him. If the animal was so vicious, why would her parents expose another family to an attack?  She went on to state that the dog was just staring at her and bit her on the chest. If the dog was staring at her and she continued making eye contact…there is a chance that the dog might have felt threatened and snapped in self-defense. Also, if she claims that she was sitting down, I don’t understand why the dog did not go for her face since she claims that the dog jumped at her. Her statements are vague and inconclusive to make a statement that the dog was truly vicious and that is why she is afraid of pit bulls. The reporter quotes her saying that,  “This is something you hear all the time, over and over again,” she said, noting that with her Miss Universe Canada title she now has “a voice … to bring more awareness to this (issue).”

I think Miss Universe Canada forgot to hear or read the Miss Universe Creed. The Miss Universe Creed declares the following:


“We, the young women of the universe, believe people everywhere are seeking peace, tolerance and mutual understanding. We pledge to spread this message in every way we can, wherever we go.”


It is obvious that her quest for promoting and advocating for a breed specific legislation, does not seek peace, does not promote tolerance and obviously it does not promote understanding. She made the pledge to spread that message in every way she could and everywhere she would go. At the moment, her name has become popular on social media sites because of her intolerance, ignorance and not because of her qualities of a Miss Universe participant.

Sahar Biniaz needs to get over her fear and stop reading scandalous news about pit bull breed dogs. Maybe someone should point out to her the positive articles and news relating to pit bulls. Why does she only focus on the negative? Why is her heart so cold and bitter not to allow her to see why so many people want Breed Specific Legislation to disappear? The amount of people with positive attitudes and ideas regarding pit bulls greatly outweighs the people with the wrong ideas of pit bulls. Has she ever given another pit bull a chance to show her that we have to punish the deed and not the breed?

An online petition has been started asking for the removal of the crown of Sahar Biniaz. Some people have advised me that the crown would not be removed just because she fears or hates pit bulls. As a Canadian, I ask for the removal of her title not just because she hates or fears pit bulls; I respectfully ask for her crown to be removed because she fails to follow the creed of Miss Universe. She is using her title and voice to promote fear and hate on other innocent living creatures that have no way to defend themselves from her evil verbal attacks. She is attacking the voiceless that cannot defend themselves from these negative accusations. I believe this is a very valid reason to remove her crown. Sahar Biniaz truly falls short in deserving the further quest of becoming the next Miss Universe.




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  1. Breeder will adopt dogs out if they cannot sell them. I know a breeder that does when the puppy is still a good dog but she will never make money off of it so has them adopted out. its rare but it happens

    • In my personal opinion Julie…that is not adoption. What that breeder is doing is giving away a pup he or she cannot get any profit and is just dead weight to the business. Why would a breeder want to have another mouth to feed? When people adopt an animal their money goes to an institution that helps abandoned dogs.

  2. I think this article reinforces the fact that the BSL laws are made by and accepted by ignorant people. A breed is not dangerous, the owner is responsible for the dog. The dog is borne with a breeds name, the dog is brought into the world helpless, devoted and willing to give unconditional love. People like Ms.Biniaz who are ignorant to what the BSL laws actually mean and how harmful they are to all animals of a specific breed; these people should learn all the facts before spouting off that a law is good and should be withheld.
    We do not live in the dark ages or do we? Think before you speak. Learn all the facts before you advocate such an archaic law. One incident without actual proof does not allow a person to fight for a law that is unjust and so very wrong.

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