Thursday , 23 November 2017

Horses suffering near Montreal

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Recently, we learned of the plight of about 50 horses just outside of Montreal at a riding facility.   There is contact information available at the end of this post, should you wish to get in touch with the woman who contacted us about this situation.

According to this source,  she’d visited this facility and saw that the horses were in poor condition: no shelter, underfed and dealing directly with the summer heat. Because they were ridden so frequently, many had been suffering with untreated saddle sores.  Sadly, after being used as riding horses all summer, when Fall arrives they are sent to be butchered, regardless of age or health.

This person has already rescued a Clydesdale and the smallest horse from this facility – who is 4 years old. She was forced to purchase the horses, outright as the only way to save them.

If you want to learn more, or can offer information or help, you can contact Anne-Marie:  or  (514)979-3331 .  She is Francophone, so it would help if you can speak French!

Below are some images:

Underfed horse with sores
Rescued Clydesdale, 18 hands high

Evident saddle sores

Open sores

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  1. Shouldn’t the police and the Humane Society be called? I don’t understand, judging from these pictures, why aren’t more authorities involved?

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