Monday , 11 December 2017

Win $5000 for your Animal Rescue!

Could your animal rescue use some cash?

We think people in animal rescue are truly unsung heroes.  You work hard, get dirty, endure sleepless nights, shed countless tears and often care for animals on your own dime.  We know the reward is worth it – but we also know that sometimes it can feel thankless, lonely and overwhelming.  That’s why we’ve been working hard ourselves, so you can continue to help abandoned animals in our community!


For the past couple of months, we’ve been selling ad space in the very first Montreal Dog Blog/Guardian’s Best fundraising calendar.  Many awesome local, rescue-minded businesses and sponsors have come forth to be part of it and support you too! And now – it’s time to turn those funds around into a Grant from the Guardian’s Best Foundation.   *(A special shout out to our volunteer photographers, Amy Grauer, Simone Fauque and Andrea Cook from Elephant Mauve and all our behind-the-scenes team).

We will be offering up 3 monetary grants for local rescues: A first, second and third prize!

$5000, $1500 and $500 respectively!

Now THAT can do a lot of good for pets!


In order to apply, you must be a Montreal-area animal rescue OR near the Ontario/Montreal border  – but work closely with Montreal shelter pets.

Please read carefully: Rescues must fill out our Grant Application below (or copy/paste it to an e-mail message) and return it to: with the subject heading: “GRANT APPLICATION”  by November 9th at 5pm.  Please return in .doc format or as a copy/paste in the e-mail message itself.

A professional committee will vote on the Rescue of the Year and our runner-ups.

And oh – it would be really awesome if you would “Like” us on Facebook  at Guardian’s Best Foundation & Montreal Dog Blog !


The winners will be unveiled at our very first Rescue of the Year Event  (5 -8pm) on Saturday, December 1st in NDG (more info on that to come!)

So – spread the word! Get goin’ and get some green! Good luck everyone!




Or you may also copy/paste the below into an e-mail message: 

Montreal Dog Blog/Guardian’s Best Foundation Grant Questionnaire

All Montreal area rescues (including those that are in Ontario, but work closely with Montreal animals/rescues) are eligible for this grant from the Guardian’s Best Foundation & Montreal Dog Blog. Grant will be awarded to the Rescue of the Year (and 2 runner-ups) at an Awards Cocktail December 1st, 2012 in NDG .

Please answer the following questions and return to: by Friday November 9th, 5pm. Please include the subject heading, “Grant Application”.    


Rescue Name:  

Representative’s Name:

Contact Info: (phone and email):


How long have you been rescuing animals and why do you do it?


What can you tell us about your work that’s not on your website or not already in media reports?


What specifically would you do with the grant money you receive?  How would it help animals?


Will you be able to attend the awards ceremony?  If you win, will you be comfortable saying a few words (or have a representative do so on your behalf)?


Will you give us permission to use your name/image in conjunction with future reports (blogs/Facebook/radio/Twitter) pertaining to this contest and calendar project?




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