Tuesday , 12 December 2017

Inherited Cats Need Homes

The following is a courtesy listing. Please contact the info included for further details. 

If you died, what would happen to your pets?

Making arrangements for your animals in the event that you pass away,  is something we should all think about.  Many animals end up in shelters after the hospitalization or death of their owners. It’s an all too common scenario.

Sadly, Nathalie’s stepmother passed away last April – leaving her 10 beloved cats homeless.  Fortunately, Nathalie stepped up to take them in. She managed to find loving homes for a couple – and decided to keep the senior felines, knowing an adjustment would be hardest on them.

But there are a few left, that deserve homes of their own. 

If you’re in a position to adopt one of the following cats, or want more information,  please contact Nathalie at:  514 725 2304  or  email:   to_nat@live.com

They are all vaccinated and have been sterilized (click photo to enlarge):

Adeline is 6 and very affectionate
Hugo is 7 - is leery of men, as he was mistreated by one. But is otherwise sweet and affectionate
Zoo Zoo is a 5 year old lap cat



Green-eyed Marina is 8 years old and is shy with other cats, but is extremely affectionate with people


Simba is 7 and affectionate, but does not get along with other cats - he wants to be the only kitty in your house!

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