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Montreal Dog Blog at the unveiling of Rescue Ink’s Facebook app


On Saturday, October 27, 2012 the unveiling of the new Facebook application software called R.I.S.A (Rescue Ink Software Application) took place. It was an event full of positive energy and good will from everyone that was present. The team members of Rescue Ink were at the headquarters of Thoransoft to meet with the fans and proudly accept the application that was donated by Thoransoft.

Thoransoft is made up of caring individuals, and it was visible the day of the presentation of the new Facebook app. Family was there to back up the application developed by the amazing team at Thoransoft. Raffi Kalemdjian, Business solution director of Thoransoft came up with the original idea for the application because of his rescue pup named Harley. Raffi adopted Harley when he was just a tiny pup. From showing me with his hands the size of Harley when he was adopted to then opening his arms widely and hugging the pup, it showed me how much he cared and he cares for animals. This application will be of no use to Harley because he has a home with Raffi, but it will be useful to all animal advocates that fight each day to change the life of just one animal.

Thorensoft or Rescue Ink gets nothing out of this application other than to help those that help animals. “[Thoransoft] donated the app for the ‘Report Abusers and adoption’ sections.  Rescue Ink did not get paid for coming to the event, they came here to raise awareness and support the launch of the application. The app will not be ready for the ‘public’ yet.  We need to iron out some details and the final text with [the team of] Rescue Ink.  I think within a month we shall have a beta version that will be launched,” explained Raffi. Yes, it is not a direct contact link with superman to come and solve all problems that are entered and requests that are made. But, if we all work together and use this new Facebook tool as it is intended, there could be a great outcome for animals in need and the society we live in.

I was given the opportunity to talk to the team of Rescue Ink. Joe Paz, Big Ant, Al, and Johnny O. They were approachable and did not mind to listen to my questions and comments.  My intention was to ask questions about the new Facebook application and talk about other things. They say they are not any different from the rest of the people, but in a way, they have accomplished much that others have not achieved. Popularity is not what they seek, but in my opinion it is because of the popularity of their acts that they have inspired many to get involved in saving animals lives.

Our trusted, well-known and loved rescues of Montreal were thrilled to be part of the event and appreciated the team of Rescue Ink at the unveiling of RISA. We talked for about 30 minutes in the Thoransoft conference. I know we could have talked for hours and I would’ve enjoyed picking their brains.  Half an hour went by so quickly when talking to a great team that stand by one another in order to be effective and be there for the benefit of animals.

At the moment Thoransoft is launching the Purform 2012 contest. The contest is for graphic designers/developers; they need to send an imaginative on-line form that will be used on the Thoransoft site and maybe on the Rescue Ink Facebook app. The winner of the contest can obtain the new Windows surface tablet! Click here for more details

 To listen to the interview click on the youtube video below!

For more pictures of the event click here to go to MDB’s Facebook album!

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