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Chihuahua pup dognapped from the Montreal SPCA




UPDATE: We have been informed that the dog has been returned.

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The Montreal SPCA informs that on Sunday November 4 2012 a Chihuahua dog was stolen from their building. The dognapping occurred between 2pm and 3pm. The security cameras show a two adults and two children leaving without finalizing the process of adoption and without paying the adoption fee.

The dog that was stolen is described as a female purebred Chihuahua. She is only 5 months of age and weighs about 7 pounds. The color of her fur is red and gray with pointed ears.

The Montreal SPCA asks for the public’s collaboration in identifying any of the family members that appear in the picture. If you have any information that could help find the stolen pup, please call to (514)735-2711 extension 0.




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  1. Good for you, you charge way too much money to adopt animals and many don’t find a home because of that.
    I hope they don’t get caught!

  2. although i agree that they do charge a lot for animals to be adopted, there are reasons behind why they do. If someone is willing to pay the money, it usually means that they have money to spend on their pets (vet bills, food etc) and it likely ensures the animal will be well taken care of. I could be wrong but i also think the pets have their they take that into consideration as well. I personally would be happy with lower costs too though..that being said..i still hope the people do get caught! For moral reasons and for what i mentioned above….if they dont have the money to buy the dog, they probably wont spend the money to care for it well…

    • Reply to Nina, I agree 100% with your comment!
      Really, how can you give this new pet all the care he needs for his well being if you can’t even afford to buy the pet in the first place!
      I felt really bad for this little guy, going somewhere without having the proper paper signed and without evaluation to see if the family is able to give him a good home he deserve with love, food, vet care when needed etc…
      I’m really glad he was found again, this little guy went through so much already. I’m sure being in a cage all day is not alot of fun far from it but it sure is better than being in a home where maybe he would be mistreated or ended up again in the street all alone! Adoption of a pet should be process in a very serious matter, the same as a child. Too many animals that needs a new home are giving away too easily and they end up suffering all over again 🙁

  3. The adoption fees are not that much, think of the vet costs to get an animal ready for adoption. Yes, you can get an animal much cheaper on Kijiji or Craig’s list, but that dog has not been vetted, temperment tested. You are getting whatever lies that person has told you. On average, it should cost $1,200 to $1,500 per year to have a small dog. That includes decent quality food, supplies, annual checkups, vaccines etc. That does not include any addition medical needs.or professional grooming if the breed requires it or you can do it yourself.

    If you want to see adoption fees come down, then make a donation. The funds have to come from somewhere.

  4. Glad this pup was returned. Whether or not a fee is charged, the person adopting the pet must fill out forms answering so the welfare of the animals can be checked on in future, as well as to try to find the most suitable home for the pet while not creating unnecessary barriers to adoption.

    “Our ability to save lives depends on how quickly we can move animals through the building.”

    While it’s been proven that charging adoption fees does NOT guarantee an animal will be well cared for, the most highly desirable animals are often quickly adopted even with a higher adoption fee, helping to offset vet bills a bit and increasing web traffic to the adoptable pet listings and the shelter.

    Data shows many people, including my family, have obtained pets for free and we love them like members of our family.

    “People who adopt pets at free adoption events value their pets exactly as much as those who paid a fee, and they also return them to the shelter or rescue group at exactly the same rate, or even a little less.”

    Some shelters report that 25 percent of their pets are purebred animals. It’s possible that some people who purchase pets, especially on impulse, may consider them property to be disposed of when they are no longer convenient. I think this also applies to people who declaw cats because their furniture is more important than the long-term “Physical Consequences of Declawing”,

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