Thursday , 23 November 2017

New campaign for an ethical animal service center in the Laurentians region


St-Sauveur – For an Ethical Animal Service in the Laurentians is a team of people who have faith in upstream improvements of the actual situation of animal control service in the Laurentians area.  According to the members, after the revelations made in April 2011 on the Berger Blanc’s unethical practices, many citizens of the province of Quebec, have acknowledged that pet overpopulation is an issue and many animals face euthanasia in current animal service centers.

The new animal advocacy group believes that change is required in the management of pet overpopulation in the Laurentians. In a press release given out by the group, they state that several cities in Quebec have or will soon have in place a new form of ethical animal services in their cities with responsible practices regarding animal management. The cities of Longueuil, Boucherville and Saint-Bruno have contracted a non for profit animal services (Services Animaliers de la Rive-Sud), Laval will establish their own animal service center (Le Campus), the Richelieu Valley and Montreal have also announced the establishment of a properly and efficient animal control facility.

Danielle Léger, representative of the new advocacy group explains that cities located in the Laurentians seem reluctant to initiate any dialogue on this matter. And although several citizens have mentioned their dissatisfaction with current regulations and actual pound contracts, the situation seems to stagnate.

She continues by explaining that residents are aware that abandoned and stray animals in the Laurentians is on the increase, and a great majority of dogs and cats are not-sterilized and reproduce to excess. Since 2007, residents and local media highlighted this situation. “The majority of current pounds are “dead-ends”, the goal of these companies is to generate profits, unfortunately at the expense of dogs and cats. Many of these pounds do not even have an updated website that will allow guardians of lost pets to retrieve them or to adopt the ones who are at the pound “says Danielle Léger.

Patricia Tulasne, animal advocate, and member of this initiative states that by cities accepting unethical practices, they are guilty of the mismanagement of a municipal service. “By working upstream, by deploying all necessary efforts for the establishment of a non-profit ethical animal service, which will focus on keeping animals alive by reuniting lost animals with their guardians, adoptions, sterilization prior to adoption, encouraging and providing the tools for owners to spray-neuter their pets, by implementing a micro chipping program, are the solutions to decrease the number of animals killed in our community “recognizes Patricia Tulasne.

If city bylaws would forbid to the abandonment of an animal other than in a shelter and provide incentives to sterilize the animals, the costs of animal control service will continue to increase and the community will be penalized for their lack of vision.

The group believes that by taking action today, the Laurentians could inspire other municipalities to follow suite.


It is time to take action, in accordance with the values of our community– Danielle Leger


A petition asking the Mayors, councilors and prefects for the creation of an ethical animal service in the Laurentians is available.








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