Tuesday , 12 December 2017

Ontario cat rescue group looking for the abuser of paralyzed cat named Angel


Special Ones, an Ontario-based cat rescue group is seeking help in finding any information that could lead in finding those that abused a cat named Angel. According to a YouTube video made by the rescue, Angel was found in a carrier on Nov 17, 2012 at the McDonald’s at Bathurst/Dundas street in Toronto.

At the moment, the authorities are not investigating Angel’s abuse and trying to find the person that hurt her. In efforts to bring the person to justice, the cat rescue group has created a YouTube video in order for it to go viral and people that has information may come to the authorities to bring the abusers to justice.

Angel is said to have a broken spine and ribs. Angel was first seen by one rescue that claimed that the cat would have no quality of life and therefore she should be euthanized. Special Ones welcomed Angel after seeing her zest for life and concluding that she deserves a chance at life. “[Angel] needs help so we can get her the best doctors and make her comfortable. This little lady deserves to shine brightly and we will do whatever we can to help” states the description of the YouTube video.

Social Media is an effective way to reach a great number of people. Many animal cases have been resolved thanks to the power of social media. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are great tools for those that are involved in animal rescue to reach out to society and find help support. In the case of Angel, she is depending on people to share her story and hopefully this will bring awareness and some justice to her case. Please be kind and if it is in your means, make a donation to help cover for Angel’s vet care. You can always share her story for free. Use the power of social media to benefit those that don’t have a voice.

According to their website, Special Ones is an independent rescue in Oakville, Ontario, working mainly with cats rescued from high volume shelters, cats that more often than not have been slated for termination. They also rescue abandoned kitties and kitties that were born outside, which typically require varying degrees of socialization. The cats are socialized to people, other cats and possibly dogs.

Please join on Facebook at to see updates on this special girl and donate to her care through Paypal


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  1. Be careful with any charity you do not know personally!
    Just a warning from Oakville…

  2. Hey john from oakville have you had troubles with a rescue in oakville. Just asking because i run the rescue that daved Angel. Curious to know more. Do tell

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