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The kindest cut of all!


The following is a letter given out by Johanne Tasse, founder of the Companion Animal Adoption Centers (caacQ.) On this letter she explains the importance and the desperate need of an animal sterilization unit in the province of Quebec. Rescue members of the caacQ are: Animatch, Rosie Animal Adoption and La Pension du Jardin Secret . Please make sure to sign and share the petition hyperlinked at the bottom of this post.


The kindest cut of all!

The need for a mobile sterilization unit in Québec

 As far back as I can remember I was always fascinated by dogs and cats living in my neighbourhood.  I would gaze for hours at squirrels going about their daily routine. Every spring and fall I would rejoice upon hearing the geese that would fly overhead announcing their presence.

But with time I learned that not all is well in regards to the state of animal welfare in Québec.

I found myself complaining to whom ever wanted to listen. Not much results until I read a quote from Mahatma Gandhi *be the change you want to see in this world*. So I set out to volunteer at a west island dog adoption agency.  Ten years applying a business model to a shelter…. much criticism as to an ungodly union.  But it proved to be successful, the first year they had adopted approximately 40 dogs. By 2007 the shelter placed 300 dogs in new homes. But the demand to take charge of abandoned and stray dogs was unrelenting.

As for the issue of cat overpopulation where do we begin?

In 2008 the Companion Animal Adoption Centres of Québec was created, caacQ.  Our mission; to reduce the number of animals killed in this province. The actions of the caacQ are to provide solutions upstream and not when the problem is at your shelter door, boxes of unwanted kittens and puppies.

In April 2011 while attending a conference in Ashville North Carolina, on high volume high quality spays and neuters, a mobile unit from the ASPCA of New York was on site. To say it was love at first sight would be an understatement. April 2012, M-6 was showcased in Laval.  More than 100 elected officials, professional’s organizations and animal welfare representatives visited the unit and conversed with the ASPCA representatives.

The summer went by, a newly elected government and the notion of urgency by the authorities wanting a change seems to have waned.  But the problem is still prevalent.  The purchase of an M-6 for Québec is the best investment any elected officials could ever achieve in regards to the return on the investment. To the animal lovers of this province please sign the petition www.sterilisation.ca and become the change you want so see – sterilisations do saves lives!




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