Tuesday , 26 September 2017

WIN! Online shopping with Pet Bling!

CONGRATULATIONS to Aaron Burnett and Janet Siery – winners of this contest! Until the end of this week (week of Jan 14), MDB readers will recieve 15% off their online purchases at Petbling.ca by entering the code: MDB 215

PetBling.ca is a 100% Canadian company based out of Newmarket, Ontario!

The whole idea for PetBling.ca started when owners Mike and Yvonne tried to find a particular designer pet ID tag for their dog. They had trouble finding Canadian sites that carried the types of tags they were looking for.

Win one of 2 gift certs to spend on Pet Bling!

Websites based outside of Canada added shipping, taxes and brokerage fees – and the cost more than doubled! Thus, PetBling was born.

PetBling carries a wide variety of bling from engraved cat and dog tags, to barrettes, bows and charms!  They ship to Canadians FROM Canadians – with free shipping! And for a limited time, no taxes either.

Now, you can win one of TWO $25 gift certificates to shop for anything on the PetBling website!  

How to win?  Just enter your info here!  Good luck!  NOTE: This contest is open to entries across Canada! 

p.s. – PetBling also has a Facebook Page! 

(winner will be selected via random draw on Monday January 14th)




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