Monday , 11 December 2017

New Year and Your Dog

Some tips to start 2013 on the right paw:

  1. Walk your dog. Don’t stay in. With the exception of toy breeds (Which are toys, as stated), they like walks, get off your rear end and get outside.
  2. Treat your dog to a professional grooming. Get the dead hair off, and it will also reduce shedding!
  3. Up the quality of food of your dog. If you can afford it. Talk to your vet about what they recommend- if you can’t afford one the vet likes, be honest, and they will make recommendations of alternatives. If you are feeding raw, research it. Beware of anecdotal evidence.
  4. Walk your dog- your dog is doing you a favor. Just letting them outside is NOT a walk.
  5. Train your dog to be polite around strangers- not to jump up. An obedience course is so important.
  6. Volunteer with your dog in pet therapy, visit an elderly person, palliative care facility
  7. Walk your dog- a good dog is a tired dog. A rope in the back yard is NOT a walk.
  8. Have a dental on your dog before the teeth get too bad. At our Timberlea vet clinic, which is about to open, we plan to have reasonably cost dentals, with a  maximum cap so that most people can have yearly dentals if required.
  9. Cuddle your dog- dogs have clinically been proven to lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and help reduce stress. It will help him and you. Take time, and of course, walk the dog.
  10. Visit your vet if you haven’t been in a few years. A yearly check up is so important, I hate giving excuses to owners when they could have picked up a problem much earlier….

Finally, did I mention, walk your dog?




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