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Montreal Celebrities And Their Pets – Catherine Sherriffs











Catherine Sherriffs

She is a national award-winning journalist, anchor for CTV Montreal … and an animal lover !


Where do you live now and who lives with you? (Human and animal)

I share a home with my husband and two dogs, a 5-year-old mini-schnauzer named Newman, and a 2-year-old American cocker spaniel named Layla.

Did you have animals when you were young?  What was your first experience with dogs or cats?

I did have animals growing-up. I was about 10-years-old when we adopted our first cat. She was a stray calico, and we named her Callie. It turned out that Callie was pregnant, and it wasn’t long before we had five beautiful kittens running around the house. We found them all loving homes.

 My family also adopted two dogs when I was a teenager. Harley was a gorgeous mix between a German shepherd and a black lab. The smartest and kindest dog I ever had. Riley is a loving black lab who we adopted from the SPCA at just 4-months -old. He was only a puppy, but had already been badly abused by his previous owner. It took him a long time to trust people again, and it’s amazing that he does. He’s just a fantastic dog.

Tell us about your dogs, how you came to get them , how they affect your life.

I adopted Newman when he was only 8- weeks- old. He’s such a smart dog, and is so sensitive to people’s feelings. I call him my little wise one. There’s something about that dog; I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes I swear he knows what I’m thinking!

 I adopted Layla when she was four or five months old, and she’s a loving, playful addition to our home. Layla’s the type of dog that jumps up on you and actually gives you a bear hug. I just love that about her. She was starving when we first got her; her hips and ribs were jutting out. She was poorly taken care of, and was hardly getting anything to eat. She also had a terrible case of worms, which we cleared up with medication right away.

Layla and Newman!

My dogs mean so much to me. They bring life to our house. My husband and I love going out on long walks with them. It’s therapeutic, and something we all enjoy doing. I treat my animals like members of my family. They love coming on car rides with me. They follow me around the house, whether I’m doing laundry or lazing around watching TV. They are my constant companions, and I absolutely adore them.

And we adore Catherine!


TPK ‎    “In rescuing animals, I lost my mind , but found my soul.” ~anonymous




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