Tuesday , 12 December 2017

Quebec needs Spay/Neuter Days all year long

Montréal – Johanne Tassé of the Companion Animal Adoption Centres of Quebec (CAACQ) sent out a letter to the media in which she explains that efforts taken by the Veterinary Association of Quebec during Spay/Neuter Day 2013 will provide no concrete solution to the animal overpopulation in the province. “The method of animal control practiced [in Quebec] is by killing dogs and cats…that has not solved the problem. The sterilization of animals is the solution to the problem 365 days a year.”

The CAACQ refutes false concerns that the mobile units are unsafe for animals or do not provide quality care. Instead, the results of studies show that having mobile units offering low-cost sterilization benefits all and, in the end, veterinary clinics.

By providing mobile sterilization units in the province, it will help prevent the influx of abandoned animals that animal services and shelters receive on a daily basis. It takes only four months to have a mobile sterilization unit come to the province. The CAACQ calls on Montreal’s Mayor Applebaum and the Minister Gendron of MAPAQ to implicate themselves personally in this project in order to have a credible and permanent solution to animal overpopulation in the province and in the City of Montreal.

For more information on the plans of the CAACQ visit www.sterilization.ca

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