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PROVO, Utah (February 25, 2013) ­ Orabrush, Inc. announced the launch of Orapup – the first tongue cleaner to help cure bad dog breath without a toothbrush. The company has presold more than 40,000 Orapups online, totaling more than $750,000. Preorders have begun to be shipped to customers, and the Orapup dog breath brush is available for purchase at www.orapup.com.

Long a source of frustration for pet owners, proper oral care is a treat with the Orapup because it entices dogs to clean their own tongues. Dogs take naturally to the tongue brush, which creates an enjoyable bonding experience between a dog and its owner.

To get dogs to lick away their bad breath, dog owners simply apply Orapup  Lickies, a flavoring formula, to the surface of the Orapup. The formula is made with FDA-approved, gluten-free ingredients and contains all-natural enzymes and anti-plaque properties that fortify against gum disease and reduce tartar. The Orabrush team spent seven months researching and developing this healthy, edible product with a flavor and consistency that dogs enjoy.

Made in the USA and designed by 78-year-old Orabrush inventor Robert  (Dr. Bob) Wagstaff, the Orapup combines ultra-soft, micro-pointed bristles with four in-line scrapers to collect and remove bad breath-causing bacteria from the tongue. Studies have shown that 90 percent of bad breath in humans comes from bacteria on the tongue.

“As a veterinarian of 18 years, I would advise all pet owners to start an oral health program, and using the Orapup is one of the easiest ways they can introduce that to their pet,” said Dr. Carolyn S. McGuire, DVM, of Animal Medical Services in Utah. “The No. 1 cause of heart disease in dogs comes from a dirty mouth, and I see Orapup as an additional benefit to help keep bacteria down in the mouth, which can help reduce emergency vet visits and the time between professional cleanings.”

For more information about Orapup, visit the following:

*   Orapup YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/orapup
*   Orapup online press kit at www.orapup.com/press
*   Orapup FAQ at www.orapup.com/faq


The Orapup starter kit, which includes one Orapup and a 30-use bottle of Orapup Lickies flavor, can be purchased at www.orapup.com


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