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Kahnawake is taking control of the pet overpopulation in their community and Dr Amanda Glew is there to help‏

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Sunday Feb 24, 2013, Timberlea Veterinary Clinic and Best Friends Spay Neuter Clinic performed sterilizations on 25 cats and 8 dogs. The caacQ informed that this is an ongoing collaboration between the community of Kahnawake and Dr. Glew that started on June 2012.

According to Deidra White, Assistant Animal Protection Officer ,  explained that since the start of the operation on June of 2012, there have been a total of 55 dogs and 55 cats that have been spayed/neutered. Deidra and Animal Protection officer, John Deere, started a one-day journey to change the life of these 20 cats and 8 dogs at ten in the morning. They waited for all the animals to arrive at 11am and after paperwork and transportation preparation of all the animals was done, 30 minutes later they were on the road toward Timberlea Clinic.

By noon, they had arrived and the clinic was ready and awaiting for the animals. “We spent the day there observing and assisting in any way possible. All operations were done by 4pm; animals were loaded back into the truck. Were back on the road by 4:45pm” explained Deidra. They all arrived safe and sound back in Kahnawake by 5:30pm,  to large group of people awaiting their beloved four-legged family members. The payments were done and all the animals went to their homes. The whole heroic day finished by 7pm.

In less than 12 hours, 28 animals, their families and a community were changed for the better thanks to this initiative. The families and the community of Kahnawake deserve a round of applause for their responsible actions to ameliorate the situation for animals in their society.

“The close proximity to the island of Montreal and vast land tracts in Kahnawake is a dumping ground for non native residents to abandon their dog or cat in this community. To achieve a low kill rate in a community 80% of the dogs and cats must be sterilized, this is not the case in Québec,” explains Johanne Tasse, President of the caacQ.

If the government would realize the magnitude of the problem when it comes to animal overpopulation in this province, maybe they would incline themselves in making a difference for everyone.

Congratulations to the new pups and cats that were part of this year’s February Spay/Neuter Month at Timberlea Veterinary clinic.


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