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Adoption denied?

You contact an animal adoption agency, find what you think is the perfect dog or cat and fill out a form to adopt them.  You later discover your application for this particular pet has been denied.  Why?  Many potential adopters wonder why they would be refused, if they are willing to open their home and heart to an abandoned creature.

Even though you may not realize it, you are being done a favour.  Great pains go to matching an animal with the ‘right’ home and it has nothing to do with the size of your backyard – or your heart.

I decided to go straight to the source and speak with a woman who knows a lot about matching animals and owners.  Sam Mountain is the Foster Coordinator for Rosie Animal Adoption and knows how important it is to create balanced pet-human bonds.

What are some reasons someone might not get the dog they want?

Different dogs may have different requirements.  For example, some dogs are very high energy, so would need an active lifestyle.  Some dogs are highly intelligent, and without the right mental stimulation end up bored.  Some dogs don’t like other dogs, men, cats, riding in cars, etc.  The detailed application questionnaires help the adoption agency to place the right dog in the right family.

What kind of ‘issues’ can dogs have?

There are many things to consider when looking to adopt.  Some dogs get car sick, so if the family has a weekend cottage, it might not be the right match.  Then there is what’s called Separation Anxiety, which can be handled with a behaviour modification plan and sometimes medications – probably not right for someone gone for 8 hours per day.  Then there are behavioural issues like object guarding, barking, jumping up, and chewing.  It is always a good idea to enrol a newly acquired dog in an obedience class despite the dog’s age.  Classes help the relationship and provide the dog and human with a common language.

Is the adoption counsellor being mean?  If I pay the adoption fee, why can’t I have the one I want?

The adoption counsellor is probably doing you a favour.  A wrong match is very frustrating for the adopter as well as the dog.  Trust that the adoption counsellor knows the dogs they are placing and therefore knows if the match isn’t right.  It is very difficult on the dog to go from winding up with no home to living in a shelter or foster home, being adopted and then being returned.

Does this mean I’ll never be able to get a dog?

Absolutely not!  Please be patient when searching for a dog.  It can take time, but one will come along!

What make the adoption counsellor such an expert?

The adoption counsellors knows each and every dog under their care.  In the case of a foster home, these dogs live with us night and day so we know first hand what type of home the dog would do well in.

Are there certain breeds that are good for certain people, or is it more about the dog’s personality?

I would say that it isn’t so much about breed as it is about size, temperament, history, exercise requirements, and personality.

Check out some dogs for adoption right now at Rosie Animal Adoption.  But remember, Sam’s going to want to ask you a few questions first. 🙂

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