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Nanook…no ordinary puppy

This is the story about Nanook. No, I am not writing about the annual Canadian Forces military training exercise called Operation Nanook. But, I can say that this story is about survival, endurance, and living through all adversities for a little puppy. She is not a K9 dog or military dog, she is a puppy that unfortunately is another victim of an unethical breeder.

It all started when a member of Rescue St.Chatques crossed posted and shared a Kijiji ad with Danielle Thibault. What she saw on the ad was a posting asking for someone to take two handicapped puppies for free. Ms. Thibault runs and coordinates a foster home-based rescue in the North Shore of Montreal.  Her rescue, Le Amis de Monsieur Ming, is heaven for all that come under her care. From the older pups to the difficult cases, she will not turn them away.  She was meant to see this Kijiji ad and help out.  But, it wasn’t as easy as it sounds.

The original posting was added on Kijiji during the month of December of last year. Other rescues as well as Ms. Thibault sent out many emails in attempts to get the attention of the person that placed the ad…but all efforts went on unanswered. Until one day there was a reply, but after a few exchanges of emails, all communication died. It was not untill January of 2013 that another rescue made Thibault aware that the ad was still up. She never gave up and with the help of another rescuer they succeeded in getting the owner to surrender one of the handicapped puppies. They said that the second puppy was given to another family. The breeder gave up the puppy and assisted Thibault with 100$ to pay for her to be sterilized.

Ms. Thibault says it was clear to her that Nanook’s mother was used only for reproduction and her babies being sold. The man did not bother to have her take medical tests to make sure of her health;  he was still planning to continue using her for breeding. She did try to get Nanook’s mother out of his hands, but all efforts were useless.

Nanook was first taken to Clinique La Laurentie. Seeing the seriousness of her condition, Thibault was referred to  the DMV  to see an orthopedic veterinarian. As  Nanook’s condition became known, she was then taken to visit a neurologist at Hôpital Rive-Sud. It was concluded that Nanook’s condition is neurological. She is missing three lumbar vertebrae, her spinal cord is not protected and her hind legs are inverted and non-functioning. The neurologist, who sees and cares of Nanook, does not know what’s going to happen to her, because normally, dogs with this kind of condition are euthanized at birth.

Thibault has always counted on the kindness of friends, rescue comrades and rescue supporters through the hard times.  They all put together a wonderful online auction that has recently ended with the amazing total number of $1,000. This money has helped pay for her wheelchair and the vet bills so far. Although Nanook’s life is headed in a positive direction, let us remember that there is no cure for her condition. She can have a happy and comfortable life ‘if’ all the resources are made available for her.  Nanook will have more visits to the Specialist Veterinarians, she will need to wear her incontinence pants, will go through several sizes of special harnesses and will have to have various equipment for easy transport available for her.

Nanook is a happy puppy girl, and although she might be limited to do certain things, her life is not bound to sadness. At 5 months old, she is a thriving puppy, now that she has her new wheels, she is exploring and learning a new world for her. It can continue to be a comfortable life if we are all there to help out. As for now, she is not up for adoption. Danielle Thibault, wants Nanook’s story to be known and shared. There are so many different lessons to learn from a courageous rescuer not afraid of any adversity, a community of animal rescuers and supporters, and a beautiful spirit of a puppy named Nanook. Nanook means bear. She not only resembles one, but stands true to her name, she is brave, beautiful, and magnificent as any bear.

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If you would like to make a donation or would like to help out with any of the things that Nanook needs please write to: lerefugedemonsieurming@hotmail.ca

Watch the video of the first day of Nanook trying out her new wheels!


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