Sunday , 10 December 2017

New Book Series Teaches Children About Animal Rescue And Adoption

The author Bonnie Jo Davis has published a series of short story books to teach children about animal rescue and adoption. The name of the book is “Mrs. Morgan Rescues…” and the short story series are e-books available on Kindle. The characters are Mrs. Morgan of Savannah, Georgia, her rescue dog Cinnamon and her eleven year old next door neighbor Bree. The three of them work with a local veterinarian, Dr. Perkins, to care for injured and abandoned wild and companion animals. Each book features a single or set of animals needing special care or a foster home. The purpose is for children to learn about caring for injured or newborn animals and will be taken through the journey of releasing an animal to the wild or finding a permanent adoptive home.

The fictional Mrs. Morgan and her husband owned a veterinary clinic and when her husband died Mrs. Morgan retired early to devote her time to animal rescue. She has both the skills and the training to help a variety of animals. Next door neighbor Bree is an aspiring veterinarian who loves animals and helps Mrs. Morgan as much as she can.

Some books include Mrs. Morgan taking the animals to a local elementary school where she teaches the children about adoption and rescue.

The author says, “I have such a passion and commitment to the animal rescue and adoption community that I wanted to share my enthusiasm with children. Studies show that children who are compassionate towards animals learn the building blocks for better relationships as adults.”

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